Has anyone refunded yet? Are they denying them?

So basics of economics is that my money is worth more today than it is in the future, so by paying early I did in fact pay more for the beta just on sheer economics alone.

That aside, playing early was a listed perk of buying early. This whole argument of it being a “bonus” and we should just expect 2 hour queue times is silly. I expected 2 hour queue times in the past, but this is not their first rodeo so there really is no justifiable excuse for it. And if there is a justifiable excuse for it, I think the paying customers deserve to hear that excuse directly from staff, and not you.


…smh But it IS extra to play the beta. You had to put money up front for a game releasing in June.


but its not since the amount doesnt change.


you paid for a game coming out in june, until then everything has an * next to it.


Nobody is interested in your excuses for them.

here you go. An update regarding queues and server disconnects

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Yeah that was over 4 hours ago.

ya i dont think you know how programming works.


Because it’s not necessary in 2023. They’ve been doing this for 20 years.
How many other big devs still do this? How many other games have betas and launches that are crippled to harvest strain data “just in case”?
It’s obsolete.


You don’t know a thing about me, so you can live in your ignorance.

Its a Beta… the whole damn point is to find problem. Guess what? We found one, now you throw a fit?


Bliz: Yeah… we know there is a problem… and umm… good news! We’ll have it fixed (maybe) by NEXT WEEKEND!!

wth??? We pre-ordered to play THIS weekend and you’re intentionally limiting logins (they said so) because… well everyone wants to wait 2 effin hours to login only to get disconnected AND START ALL OVER… Are you kidding me??? It would literally take your entire day to play (maybe) for an hour or two game time…


Seriously thinking of refunding to send a message… unacceptable… how about you fix it now not NEXT weekend! Ah, they could give a crap…


The wait time to change your poopy diaper is 3 hours.

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then refund it and take up less space in the queue. good riddance


this statix dude is a geniunely white knight moron lmao.

Early access for this week’s beta IS part of the package. People pay to play test the game, not the server even if it’s a stress test. Why act like this is Blizzard’s first rodeo in prepping servers? This is a 3 decades old company we are talking about, they already had gotten their protocols sorted out back in the 90s then went downhill


Wait, you say they don’t need beta weekends, but this beta weekend proves they need beta weekends, because these problems occur. Of course Bliz hoped for a smoother experience.

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Yep, already refunded.
Nope, not a problem at all. Was completed within 2 hours.

They have a direct link for refunds rather than having to contact support directly.

No issues whatsoever refunding the purchase.


My thoughts exactly. Perhaps Blizzard needs to better explain how it works. A LOT of people’s expectations seem a bit off here. They clearly expected few bugs. But make no mistake, when you play on some open beta period, you are a beta tester. If your mindset is that the game should work 100%, I suggest avoiding these. You will be dissappointed. No I am not “white knighting” Blizzard. I am speaking from experience a as a software engineer, long time gamer. I am sure I will get flamed, because people are obviously really angry. Ok, anger is a natural human emotion. I get it.


yeah but you might want to slow your roll a bit and understand why people feel entitled here.

Look at it this way, We ALL paid for beta access in some shape or form so, we have an investment in the game because last I checked money does not grow on trees and is not something people can throw around like its nothing. Some can, many can not.

But lets go with your surely “beta is beta” rebuttal because that will be the defense of folks like your self. So explain this to me why is it Me, others like me WHO ALL paid to play this game can not get access or get kicked off 5-60 minutes depending on how blizzard feels because they need to “throttle” players ingame but streamers are not affected?

Are you trying to say your money is not as good as theirs? Are they in some way better then you as a person and player? Are they entitled to play the game and you are not when surely your hard earn money means much more to you then the millions they make a year for the WHACKEST content out there?

Just explain to me, in detail why streamers > everyone else. I will wait, and yes money will be the answer but again: is that fair?


these people that are upset were not gamers when D3 beta launched, were not gamers when wow patch days/raid reset days/expansion launch days during the early days. None of these people complaining have been playing online games for 20 years. they have no idea what it was like. the fact that there is a queue and that you can get in at some point is progress. when you are in the game at least its more functional then Anthem was/is, or more functional than cyberpunk was. people can get super angry when its launch day and they cant play for over 4 hours.

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