Harlequin Crests drops were not a bug, nor an exploit

except for the code literally did everything it was intended to do, nothing more, nothing less. untended consequences aren’t bugs. using a new feature in the intended way isn’t an exploit.

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They did not intend for you to be able to circumvent the low drop rate of the shako by using this system, it’s absolutely unintended. The code does what it was supposed to do but there was still additional code missing that should have checked if a class actually has a unique for that slot. This again is the definition of a bug, whether you want to argue if it’s good or bad is something else - semantically you are incorrect.

Inside job. It was so controlled, how do you place a bug in and then disable it in 2 hours? Idk blizzard were theses type of guys to get thing done so fast, like shot im still mounting in thin air, tee bagging the air at 100% movement speed. . You ask me theyre just using you and me to fuel the price of those shakos.

It was pretty clearly a bug, not an inside job. They have access to the servers to make emergency patches if necessary, and clearly have access to tweaking droprates. They didn’t fix the bug instantly - in fact the method they used to fix the droprates kind of defeats the purpose of having uniques in helltide chests in the first place.

Well you just said the most important part, they have control over the drop rate, funny how only the most sought out item in the game some how got a normal drop rate for barb, and sorc. Idk if anyone got andys or grandfather, or the other but shako was the main and easiest to put in place.

I target rings for a 4 max roll Umbral ring at the gambler all the time. It’s no different.

And now that it’s fixed, everyone has an opportunity to get Shako from Helltides. It’s just not as targeted anymore. Which frankly, players are skipping over that tidbit as well. Blizzard has made it easier to obtain.

When the patch notes came out, I said the exact thing to myself. “I have zero unique helms, wonder what happens if I do Helltide to target helms”. And I did. But alas, luck was not on my side.

Anyone that understands the game and bothered to read the patch notes should have. So either players don’t understand the game, didn’t read the patch notes, or both.

What’s your point? It makes no sense for blizzard to sabotage their game like this. It makes the players angry, required devs to work overnight, all for what - to make the shako (specifically) slightly less valuable when RMTing? Sorry but with that many shakos out, previously people probably wouldn’t even sell their accounts, now you can bet this is going to make the RMT problem worse. Plus this only applied to the helmets - the only other uber unique that could be target farmed is druids farming amulet chests for the melted heart of selig. No grandfathers, doomblades, etc. could have dropped

The source of a bug doesn’t have to be a coding error in the traditional sense. It can be the result of a gap or deficiency in requirements, a missed use case, etc. In this scenario missed test cases also contributed. I mean, even if none is this makes sense to you, the fact that it was hot-fixed it is a pretty clear indicator.

The shako is a game destroying item, specifically at this lvl. The rest sure but man that plus 4 to all skills…

Why? Why not? The devs deserve to play as gods too, or maybe they just want a little bit of money, idk why, but 142 is a small number and went unoticed for only 2 hours… thats enough for the whole clan. Its small enough number where hey its not that bad but in truth its a god tier item.

It’s a missed use case/unintended consequences. This is a very, very common type of bug. Bugs are usually not from simple coding errors.

Well, according to blizzard…

" In the future, we may need to take action to maintain fairness within the game when a bug or exploit impacts the gameplay of others."

This phrase implies that it actually was a bug or an exploit (or even both)


Why not just use their dev powers to give themselves the shako directly? This is a lot of hoops to jump through to get to the conclusion of this conspiracy

Hey that would bring more of a divide, in the community and game in itself. This way they can just shift the blame to some anonymous 142. Hehe like what. This anit no communist cult, its blizzard thier only alive because be believe in them. Shadyiest nerds on the planet if you ask me.

The devs said the exact opposite.

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Bugged code does what it was coded to do, until the coders discover the unintended consequences of said code, and then it’s fixed.

actually code having an unintended effect is literally what makes a bug lol

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It needed to be said because we got incompetent people like yourself that fail to even read the patch notes before posting misinformation.

They didn’t intend for the drop rate to be high, but every intended action forced the drop rate to be that.

if I intentionally get in my car, and intentionally drive 90 MPH over the speed limit, but then when I get pulled over I say “Sorry officer I didn’t intentionally break the law” the officer would probably be a little suspicious of me.

Every step along the way was intentional, there was no bug to exploit. the outcome was unintended, but entirely forced.

was 100% intentional lol… they just didnt expect as many in that 1 hour block to get one and it was probably for some streamers to showcase that hey this guy has one, he is soo OP blah blah. and then 100’s of others got one, and at the end of helltide after people were talkin about it, they did a very quick hotfix like they already had a file on hand… i mean you cant be a programer. set a value and be like oh yeah that seems right. 80 to 90% drop rate on something we just implimented? get out of here if you wouldnt believe that BS lol

Because Blizz QA is non-existent per the usual. Why continue to blame the players for their absolutely horrid QA?