Harlequin Crests drops were not a bug, nor an exploit

I can’t believe this needs to be said, but everything was working as intended. there was an oversight in the fact that barbarians and sorcerers do not have a unique helm. but absolutely nothing was being abused. blizzard made the right call by not taking action against people who legitimately played the game and benefited from it.


If it wasn’t why did they “fix” it?


So people target farmed specifically the helm chests KNOWING the fact that those classes had no unique helmet, but somehow that wasnt abuse?


I mean, the developers introduced a patch that basically broke the drop rates for a short amount of time for a couple classes for very specific rare items…

Are we really splitting hairs over what it is called?

  • someone who doesn’t care what happens to the ~142 super uniques

At what point was there a bug?

Were chests supposed to drop an item of the category that they are EX, was helm chests supposed to drop helms? Yes.

Was chess supposed to roll to decide if the item was a unique? Yes.

Was the unique item supposed to use a weighted roll to determine which unique out of your classes possible unique drops? Yes.

So yes, people who came on and used the chests in their intended fashion to target farm a unique helm was not abusing.


Bugs can manifest in various forms, including crashes, freezes, incorrect calculations, unexpected behavior, security vulnerabilities, or data corruption.

This would likely fall under the “unexpected behavior,” or “incorrect calculations” category. I think it’s fine to call the shakos dropping at higher rates than they normally would a bug.

Certainly not an exploit though. You didn’t have to really do anything to produce the result outside of normal gameplay, and the result wasn’t like it was just raining shakos.

I don’t really have an opinion on the whole shako thing other than I don’t care, but I think calling it a bug is fine.


Knowingly taking advantage of a big to gain benefits over everyone else is an exploit.

The never ending quest chests were an exploit, and nobody questions that.

If one knew that only barb and sorc had no regular uniques in their loot table, and thus was targetting Shako knowing that these chests were bugged, how is it not the same definition of taking advantage of a big for personal gain? It’s an exploit within the boundaries of the game.

Well, everyone draws their own conclusions. But I think the main lesson from this is that “Exploitation is allowed”. If a ban ticket is opened for someone after that, you can safely argue with technical support. If you find a bug and use it, then this is not your problem.

Lol ok. Thats why they froze ultra rares from dropping and patched it the next day. Bad troll post.

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What was actually bugged in the chests? literally each step was working as intended. it’s even intended for barbarians and sorcerers to have no unique helms.

and yet they refer to it as an issue, not as a bug or an exploit. it’s why the “fix” removed targetted farming which clearly wasn’t their intent but the result of limited options.

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The real question is how did the devs let something like this happen? The way helltide chests dropped loot before this patch is common knowledge. Game determines the item rarity first, then rolls a random item within that rarity. That’s why people immedietely went to do helltides as soon as the patch came out. Why did it not come up in a single blizzard’s developers head that this would be the result?

The real question is who really cares?

The eternal realm people have it, no one gives a shi t about non seasonal crap. I remember in d3 I wouldn’t even log on to claim my items that rolled over into the non seasonal realm, it’s all trash over there.

Maybe some weird niche group that actually pvps in this game are up in arms about it but who really cares about the pvp crowd?

thats not abuse… thats understanding logic 2+2=4.

Although the set % droprate of a unique was not intended to work on super uniques (that was the problem), no one knew that it was a bug. It’s the same thing as farming dungeons that have more mob density, why would you do anything else except the best scenario/outcome.

Oh I couldn’t care less that other people have the helms in the eternal realm and people getting mad at other players is cringe. I just think it’s crazy that not a single staff member at blizzard didn’t think about the fact that barbs and sorcs don’t have normal rarity helm uniques in the game and didn’t forsee this happening. Just shows how out of touch they are with their own game.

I think this might be the result of removed content. I imagine there’s probably quite a few unique items already made behind the scenes that will be added in slowly over time.

If you think this wasn’t a bug you haven’t the first clue about software engineering.

Yeah this is likely. They’re saving content that should already be in the game or added into the game immedietely. Release this content over later seasons to try and coax a few more people to come back and buy a battlepass.

Explain the software engineering behind this then. If you can’t explain it in basic terms, you don’t understand it yourself.

Everyone knows that helltide chests determine item rarity first, then another roll within that rarity to determine that it drops. The fact that everyone knew this and they added unique rarity to helltide chests in the patch, people may have just assumed that blizz were adding another method of target farming and making the uber uniques actually somewhat obtainable, instead of having to win the lottery to get them. It’s such a stupid mistake to add this functionality, that people assumed that it wasn’t a mistake.

At what stage was it a bug?

every stage worked exactly as intended I already broke down the stages and the “fix” actually breaks one of the intended stages.

Nobody wants anyone banned, obviously. That would be insane. What should have happened is that the ill-gotten helmets should be deleted. If the helmets were dropping off level 1 skeletons and 142 level 1 characters got the Shakos, no one would be arguing that they should be allowed to keep them.