Harlequin Crests drops were not a bug, nor an exploit

Hey that would bring more of a divide, in the community and game in itself. This way they can just shift the blame to some anonymous 142. Hehe like what. This anit no communist cult, its blizzard thier only alive because be believe in them. Shadyiest nerds on the planet if you ask me.

The devs said the exact opposite.

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Bugged code does what it was coded to do, until the coders discover the unintended consequences of said code, and then it’s fixed.

actually code having an unintended effect is literally what makes a bug lol

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It needed to be said because we got incompetent people like yourself that fail to even read the patch notes before posting misinformation.

They didn’t intend for the drop rate to be high, but every intended action forced the drop rate to be that.

if I intentionally get in my car, and intentionally drive 90 MPH over the speed limit, but then when I get pulled over I say “Sorry officer I didn’t intentionally break the law” the officer would probably be a little suspicious of me.

Every step along the way was intentional, there was no bug to exploit. the outcome was unintended, but entirely forced.

was 100% intentional lol… they just didnt expect as many in that 1 hour block to get one and it was probably for some streamers to showcase that hey this guy has one, he is soo OP blah blah. and then 100’s of others got one, and at the end of helltide after people were talkin about it, they did a very quick hotfix like they already had a file on hand… i mean you cant be a programer. set a value and be like oh yeah that seems right. 80 to 90% drop rate on something we just implimented? get out of here if you wouldnt believe that BS lol

Because Blizz QA is non-existent per the usual. Why continue to blame the players for their absolutely horrid QA?