Harlequin Crest

this item need to drop more often, it’s good that it’s rare but not that rare.

if we take d2 and poe some of the rarest item i might not drop them but i can work towards them by dropping other items and trading. imagine if ber rune was bind on account, or headhunter.

we need to buff shako drop rate a bit or maybe add a unique salvage material after salvaging 100 unique we can craft one, at least have a feeling working towards shako, also its making a choice of do i want that xtra gold from this unique or the mats to work towards shako .


The awesome thing is d2r exists and has that item, and you can do exactly what you justdescibed there, in that game.


did i say i wanted to trade ? nope.


You referenced d2 and poe, close enough.

This as an answer to any criticism is so lazy and whack.


The seasons will last for months. The BiS items will be rare and take about whole season to achieve. Its a end game goal which will take effort. Just like the 20k paragon in d3. U dont need shako for your build to work.


no it does not need to drop more. If you want to continue crying about that go on reddit


i usually think the rarer the better because itll make you feel badass if it does drop.

but this is a bit much ngl.

very rare and virtually non-existent are pretty far apart :wink:


This is a lie. Now stop. You could play ten mins into end game and get it to drop, you could farm every day all season and also NOT see it. That has NOTHING to with effort. Its luck. You could trade for it in d2 and nothing in d3 was so rare you wouldn’t ever see it.

Just admit you don’t want trading and you all around just don’t give a damn if people get it to drop. But stop with the fake bull, everyone can see it for what it is.


The white knights are just pathetic as always. The item is soooo rare not even 1% of ppl who spend 1000 hours will see it lmao.


It should stay rare, but its power should be brought more in line with other items.

The very definition of chase item. And is is called a chase item. Not a “grind for x amount of time we will let you buy it from us or a third party site or give you one for pitty” item.


I tend to agree with you. I get the rarity aspect, but if you only get that or grandfather in the last 5 lvls that just seems like a massive waste.

I personally think that it wont start to drop before 90-95 as 1 streamer got it and at lvl 98. By that point you have basically beat the game. Which really means this item doesnt matter at all.


Chase item something you have actually chance to get by working towards. The chance to get this is closer to 0% than 1%


Link its properties please so that all readers could grasp of what you’re talking about.

Chase items in all the arpg I know of are always closer to zero than 1%.

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yeah like i said i think it’s good that it’s rare but not that much , we might see one drop every 10 seasons , i think a unique crafting material to craft any unique could be a good idea against rng but make it expensive in mats and gold , like druid that can’t play wolf nado if they don’t have the right unique .


There are 400k+ ppl in D4 discord, 0 confirmed drops. Assuming each person only played 1 hour in WT4+. You could play 400k+ hours and not even see. But I guess it’s hard to understand how ridiculous this is for someone with room temperature IQ


it’s so unattainable that it makes me not want to chase for it.

The droprate should be similar to that of D3 primals, not similar to WoW mounts.

D3 primals were :poop: basically same as lego. Glad i gave up after 2.