Got to level 25 in 6 hours.. with no quests

My journey through the early access of Diablo 4 has been a thrilling experience so far. I have reached an impressive level 25 in 6 total hours, all without even completing a single quest. This is due to a game mechanic that allows me to repeatedly enter and reset dungeons, yielding massive amounts of experience and valuable loot over and over again.

However, it’s worth noting that the game’s scaling system presents a unique challenge. Enemies will match your level, regardless of your progress through the story or completion of quests. As a result, players seeking a quick leveling up strategy may find themselves bypassing the main narrative.

Despite this, the rewards from the dungeon loop strategy are undoubtedly enticing. I managed to hit level 25 and score a ton of legendary loot in just six hours of gameplay.

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I hope the leveling slows down more and more as you go up. I don’t want to hit level 100 in 25 hours.

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Early levels are easy, but it will become slower the higher you go. (I got to level 100 in closed beta)

100? How is that possible?

But couldn’t I just do a dungeon run - get out - reset dungeon - and do it again.
Over and over until level 100?

The enemies will persistently match your level, ensuring that you acquire substantial experience with each run, regardless of your current level.

The level cap is 100 and was avaible in the closed end game beta.

Yes you can, but it might not be the best way to do it. After finishing the campaign there will be Tree of Whispers bounties to do for XP and item rewards.

Not entirely true, monsters have level cap depending on the world tier you play.


Speak for yourself. I just want to hit max level so I can start playing the game. The less busywork required to get to that point the better.

I didn’t even know that beta existed. :exploding_head:Let alone that they would beta the endgame before the opening.

You’re not playing the game while you’re leveling up?

I sense mmo raider.

or gr pusher from d3.

I leveled slow as hell. reading stuff, seeing whats in that corner over there. seeing what 1 or 2 lines of wisdom npcs had to share.

its worth it. so far this section og blizzard hasn’t messed up lore yet. having seen wow’s lore torn to shreds this is nice. lore intact, no wth retcons. and its in game. I won’t have to buy $200 to get the whole story. D4 so far…is spoiling us.

I hope they keep it up.


I had no idea the closed endgame beta existed back in September. :exploding_head: I never heard about it at all, but it seems only a select few like you were invited and there was an NDA of course.

Did you increase world tiers on your way to 100?

I imagine the levelling process will slow down considerably if not halt entirely when people get to hell and torment and get hardstuck multiple times.

Raxx got a melee rogue to level 25 in four hours, recording the entire run. I believe he did the campaign quests. I’m not sure repeatedly spamming dungeons is as fast as you think it is, relative to going through the campaign quickly.


games like to speed up start so I will agree.

its to hook you in basically.

Many mmo’s or even arpg, looter shooters like borderlands (kind of like diablo…with guns lol) are nice to about level 20.

its that level say 40 in some that they go hahahaha, we got you now. grind time. you can’t stop now. you like those dopamine hits too much.

Yah, I think the NDA is still in effect so I’m not gonna say too much besides information that is already widely available from Blizzard.

Yes like I said there is actually level cap on monsters depending on world tier, so you want to increase world tier as you level up to get as much XP as possible.

You can always fall back to the world tier you are more comfortable with, and increase it when you feel you’re ready.

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Enemy scale with your level, but they don’ scale with your power. If playing right, your power will progress faster than your level, thus you’re always getting stronger, slowly and slowly outscaling mosnters.

I have no idea why people think character power = character level. Your power always increase faster than your level, thus at level 25 you will be relatively stronger to monster level 20 compared to when you were level 15 and monster were also level 15.

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I don’t know if it is just me or the game. I started the necro 3 hours ago. and I’m already lvl21 I feel the necro is abit over powered. I mean I have never had to repair gear or die at all. I’m un sure if you agree or not but that’s my encounter. I’m guna start the druid now and lets see how that goes. I am a serious diablo fan. I’ve been here right from D1

Coach the only issue doing it this way is when you do want to do the quest you have to revisit for the renown rewards. Other than that yea, I would prefer leveling by slaying.

Play slower?RIght what do you want?

6 hours is pretty “slow” isn’t it? How long did it take you guys to hit 25 and what did you do while leveling? I got the impression some of you hit 25 in 2-3 hours which might be exaggeration or not.