Got to level 25 in 6 hours.. with no quests

Dungeons does not have better loot tables than what outside world gives to you. Atleast for now. Its exactly the same loot table you are rolling from no matter what you kill and where you kill. Running same dungeon to level 100? Exactly the reason why I will never play D3 again.

Is that why level 25 mobs in fractured peaks are only dropping items in the 12-17 item level range?

its quite true i mean if you do the side quests and leave the main for last you level super quick.

i went straight for veteran.

I’m on tier 2, I just wanna know why level 25 mobs only drop item level 12-17 rares. The floor for rares should be no more than 5 levels below your characters level.

6 hours to 25 is not fast u quest along with dungeons get to 24 in lok 4 hours if that. .

2 to 3 hours doubt 4 to 5 doing quests and the open world mini engagements.

I hope you can’t reach max lvl in a few days or even in a few weeks. Everyone would be at max level too easily. End-game should be HARD.

Max level and being able to do end game content are too different things.

Max level just allows you to get the best items the games has to offer which will let you actually do the end game content.

I want to be able to get max level easily because I don’t want to waste my time and deleting useless items up until I hit max level where the game actually matters.