Give us T5 world and NM120

In T4 and nm100, all classes can run over enemis.
When glyph are 21 and character lvl100 there is no more chalange or aim.


I agree with WT5.

As for NMDs, just make an endless dungeon. It can literally scale with any character power.


Next you will want higher item power items cos what would be the point of doing more difficult content… then WT5 and NM120 will be a breeze and you will ask for WT6 NM150

At the end you will end up like d3 with 20 difficulty levels so no thx pls


dont you think we allready have d3 in d4? millions/trillions of dmg, facerolling everything, legendarys raining from the sky, zero challenge… i think we dont need WT5 but definitelly more challenging content.


No, WT5 is still needed to solve the scaling problem with lvl 100 players.

WT4 needs to accommodate lvl 70-100 officially, that’s too big of a lvl range. You can’t make WT4 engaging and rewarding for both of those who are currently still lvling and fully geared up lvl 100s. Some of Uber Bosses also drop below 925 uniques because of this (existing in WT4).

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my barb is ready for nmd 120

because im hitting up to 20+ k armour >.<

when only 13.300 is hard cap :slight_smile:

Which imho is not a good thing as well

The devs said they didnt want really high dmg numbers but it seems they missed the point

Cut back on s and a tier builds. There is your T5. Those lower tiers are now your s tier. Don’t have to nerf them to death. Just fix the flaw. Need to fix the base game before start adding. Adding is just an excuse.

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WT5 makes WT4 obsolete. I already find WT3 an annoyance. Enemies should just scale properly without having to jump Tiers. Once you hit LVL 40, Sacred Items should start to drop. By LVL 50, Sacred drops exclusively. By LVL 70, Ancestral starts to drop and bt LVL 80, Ancestral drops exclusively. No need for more tiers. Just have all content be scalable like NMD.


WT5 is also to remove the fully geared up lvl 100 from WT4, where lvl 60+ players still do their leveling and “enjoying” the overworld contents.

Mob scaling is the cause of almost ruining this game completely.

World tiers should go up about every 20 levels. NMDs should go up to infinity but cap drop rate and exp levels around 100. It’s just to give people a fun challenge to fight harder content without giving them any further boosts with which to do it. Makes mechanics matter.

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Exactly the opposite. Content would be trivialized much sooner with zero reason to ever run it again.

You have described Celestial Shards in Grim Dawn.

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Being able to Solo Queue in the Open World would do the same as would Shards only putting you with charcters who are +/- 10 of your clvl.

I’ve been begging for an endless dungeon in Diablo since D3, because I loved the one in Torchlight. All the ingredients are there: place it in hell which we visited at the end of the campaign, make it randomly generated, increase difficulty, improve loot, and mob density as you go deeper. Throw in bosses, maybe Uber bosses, that you can revisit.

There ya go. Endgame problem solved for a long while.


Not to mention that it’s a nod to the original dungeon crawlers/roguelike, or hell, even D1.

My idea is to make this a public seamless one. You can go in anytime you like and can come across strangers (other players) along the way. The whole dungeon must be seamless without any loading screen between levels. Maybe limit your life to only one, and if you die then you must wait for strangers to res you, otherwise your journey ends.

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That sounds pretty awesome, running into other players. I like the roguelite idea too, maybe have every 5-10 levels grant a buff out of a tree that you can pick sort of like Hades that drops when you die, and if you die you have the option of starting over at a save point/beginning or getting that res, just in case you’re so deep no one is around or there’s some issue with someone not finding your body indefinitely.

They could also add leaderboards for how deep everyone gets and/or how fast.

Blizzard should hire us lol

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no, they need toadd that Gauntlet with leaderboards, which hopefully are like GreaterRifts from D3

Don’t play Barb and meta builds. :smile:

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