GeForce Now and Diablo 4

Unfortunately a few days ago my PC died, specifically it was a motherboard and right now I have options: buy a PC or play in the cloud

I have read that GeForce Now is going to incorporate Diablo 4 in its catalog, they say it is possibly in February, but… is anything else known about it?

Thank you

Nothing…Just that it is going there. Take it from me though, you are better off with a new PC.

GeForce now has began having the most predatory monetization system there is.

The 1 month subscription for 10euros is always sold out, so you either get 6 month’s ( and if the game disappoints you the yeah, rip money) or get the premium one for one month ( which gives you nothing beside the 4060 RTX) which costs double…

Simply put, Geforce now would have been worth it, if the 1 month subscription for 10euros will be always available, but from what I know, it takes them half of year to get more rigs to unlock the 1 month subscription again. Strangely enough if you pay for 6 month’s they have rigs, but not for the 1 month…So another key point in getting a new pc.

Man up and replace the motherboard.

A motherboard is less than a $100 bucks. How much is a year’s sub of Geforce Now?

How good is your internet? If you’re not on fiber Geforce Now will be a crappy experience.


Juno > please dont post this kind of incorrect information;
GFN and other streaming services are already a great experience if you have 50Mb/s and above;

I have actually been testing geforce now for several days and I think it is very acceptable for playing, and I am testing it on a chromebook from more than 10 years ago with an Intel N3060 and the GPU is a “garbage” power, yes, at 720p per that the chromebook cpu is not capable of working in full hd

Apart from this, the issue of buying a new board crossed my mind, but I don’t know about you, right now paying €11 a month to play is cheaper than paying €20 for electricity a month every time I turn on the pc, I’m from Spain and the electricity bill has multiplied by 4 or more

I had thought about buying a whole new PC with lower consumption and without so much OC, but it would cost around €1,500, which is 10 years of service in Geforce Now, clearly not counting the €20 minimum electricity cost.

But to all this is added my age, yes, I am an older man who I don’t think I will play for 10 more years…

So my best option is to play in the cloud, I save the cost of a new PC, the electricity bill and having to update the PC, clean it of dust…

At the moment I see all the advantages, that’s why I would like to know if you can play Diablo IV on geforce now

Get a new PC…and enjoy the break from this awful season while you’re at it.


This is not about buying a new PC or deciding to do so :slight_smile:

I just wanted to know if anyone has information about Diablo 4 and its arrival at Geforce Now, I’ve looked for some more information and they keep indicating the same thing, “In February”, but of course…

it sounds like a service like that would add latency (both ping and input latency).

not long ago i would think thats not a big deal but after trying poe at perma 7ms on canada east server… i changed my mind. you want to shave as many ms as possible.

i wish blizzard put more servers in more places. i would love to have 7ms on blizzard games but its always ~40, probably due to the “poor” US infrastructure.

Nividia is indeed adding Diablo 4 to GFN according to their blog. They say it will be added in February. I am not allowed to post links but you can Google “Blizzard Geforce Now” to find the blog post.

One question I have is will our BattleNet copy work with GFN? I don’t think there is a sync for BattleNet, but there are game validatations for Xbox, Epic Games, Ubisoft, and Steam.

The news I read a while ago indicated that they would bring Diablo 4 first and maybe Overwatch 2, and then later include Battlenet, so geforce now will add the Battlenet store

Diablo 4 will almost certainly work with Battlenet and the game pass

If they add Diablo 4 and Sea Of Thieves, they will have a new customer for a while

So Diablo 4 is now on geforce now, but only the steam version.
So bad luck for us users.


Yes, I just saw it, this already makes it clear to me that geforce now is not for me, why? because they choose the games you play and where you play them

So I will have to update the PC, I will try to reuse my old parts

GFN works with anything that can be installed at Nvidia’s end. The only conceivable impossible thing to support would be software that married itself to your hardware or uses dongle functionality. There was a time when Nvidia just put any game they felt like up on the service like it ain’t no thang. They had just about every Bethesda game, for example, and were forced to take them down. Or, if you prefer - asked nicely.

It’s more opaque on other platforms, but on Steam if you are a developer, all you have to do for your game to be on GFN is tick a box in a menu. There is no work to do at all. If a game is available to stream anywhere, but not on Nvidia, someone has an exclusivity deal, or the publisher has some other reason to prefer directing users to a different service. In this case, Diablo 4 players on who bought the game before it came out on Steam, represent a huge potential customer base for Game Pass. The Steam version is probably only streamable in order to sell copies, and because the Steam community is full of people who have no reason to be on game subscription services.

Meanwhile, Bnet D4 supposedly is “coming soon” to GFN along with other Bnet games, delayed indefinitely for untold reasons. Since it can already be streamed on Boosteroid and AirGPU, my guess is that Microsoft simply wants something in return, or perhaps Nvidia has taken inspiration from publisher stubbornness and expects a cut of microtransactions made possible by their service. This will become more interesting as an increasing number of people prefer paying $5 a month for streaming, rather than spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on upgrades and periodically a new rig.

Remember though that Microsoft is only on GFN at all because of an agreement reached in court. But so far as I can tell, they have not agreed to bring all of their games to competing platforms, and they might even be doing it without formal agreement, to show good faith before having it forced on them.

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cloud gaming sucks on wifi, better just get a console imo

this is a super interesting topic. Is anyone successfully playing Diablo IV on GFN? What are your experiences like? I play on battlenet and I am guessing I would need to vpn into the UK/ US

Diablo 4 version is already on Geforce Now.