Game will not connect after download

Exactly the same here. I open the game through the blizzard launcher and the most I can get it to is the logging into diablo 4 part then it just freezes completely. Didn’t have this problem before the patch, please Blizzard fix you game.


Same issue, frozen screen at startup …
Please Blizzard Wake-up !!!

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After trying over and over again I’ve found that if I sit there and just watch the frozen screen for just over 3 mins the screen unfreezes and it goes to the glowing door. After about 40 seconds or so it will say reconnecting to diablo 4 and then the game will shut down

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Same here.
copy/paste from another thread:

Also getting freezes and crashes since the patch. Prior to patch it was extremely rare that it would ever crash or freeze on me.

EDIT: Restarted game, restarted PC, did scan and repair. Looked for driver updates and found one that was released on the 24th=GeForce game ready driver update to version 551.23 so I updated the driver.

Still freezing at game entry “Diablo” logo. I managed to get in once but crashed as soon as I tried to port to a town.


Don’t know why but seems to work now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Still no worky for me :cry:

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yes me too it’s not stable, crash during the game and no way to connect now :cry:

Same issue. Have cleared the video cache. :confused:

My client is freezing after connecting to Diablo 4 Services, but before advancing to the character select screen. Windows 11. It freezes to the point where the native windows popup asking if I want to close program pops up.

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Similar. The game seemed to start to load, did the <1 min queue thing, then froze when that time was up. I’ve tried r-click > close window several times, but nothing happens. I’ve even closed bnet, and it still shows the game as frozen.

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I’ve tried multiple things on my end, this is acting like a backend or aws issue.

I don’t know if it will help anyone, but I was getting stuck on the red Blizzard screen at least a dozen times. I noticed it froze right after the GeForce Experience overlay notification popped up. I just disabled GeForce Experience notifications and it worked without incident. Hope this helps someone.

Just checked and it seems I turned off my overlay a while ago so its not that. I just wish Blizzard would actually reply to one of these countless posts telling us that they are trying to fix the issue. I haven’t seen a blue post from them for so long its almost like they just don’t care.

I finally found a way to get into the freakin game. Found the solution in a reddit thread. Go into your diablo folder and move the “dstorage.dll” file to your desktop and then just run the game. Maybe you can just delete the file but just to be safe keep the file.


I also have the same issue.
Tried the Scan and Repair function but still to no avail.
32 gb ram and RTX 4070 so it should not be a hardware issue(?)

eyyy! I can vouch this made it work!!! thanks for the temp fix, man! :smiley:

After 16 hours and not playing the game overnight…the game is still hanging up at the log in screen just before character select. I should not have to go in and remove files…run a scan and fix (which I did, and didn’t work), or even reboot. This patch has caused many issues, to include crashing while in game porting to another town or out of a dungeon. Please Blizz…can you fix this in the next couple days??? Dont worry about the Lunar New Year event until after you fix the issues caused by this latest patch.

I think a few may have missed that. There is a fix. Blizzard tried to implement Direct Storage which is great, however it apparently failed for a lot of us.

Simply search for dstorage.dll in your diablo 4 folder and either rename the dll to ddl or move the file out of your execute path. I just did it and it worked.

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This method worked for me. I renamed the file to “dstorage.dll.bak” and the game is now functioning normally.

Thank you!! This worked for me.