Game starts to load then freezez on blizzard screen

every time i try and play the game it freezez on the blizzard screen and then I get a pop up and it said not responding

We believe we have identified the issue. We will have the fix in the next patch. We have identified an immediate workaround as well. Click the gear icon next to your “Play” Button on the Launcher Click on ‘Game Settings’ Click on the ‘Additional command line arguments’ checkbox Add ‘-disableds’ to the box that appears. Launch Game

If that doesn’t work…

All credit given to original author in Bug Forum.


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I finally found a way to get into the freakin game. Found the solution in a reddit thread. Go into your diablo folder and move the “dstorage.dll” file to your desktop and then just run the game. Maybe you can just delete the file but just to be safe keep the file.

His (her) solution at last got me into the game… haven’t run around enough yet to see how well the game is functioning.

Just re-posting for people to see since it’s a little buried.

Should have said, the first one was a DEV solution – above was jsut a repost of another post of mine… I really need to learn to link better, LOL

Finally, an answer with clear directions. Thank you!

That worked perfectly for me hopefully for anyone else having this issue as well. Thank you very much.