Game hangs at loading after patch

Same issue. Please help.

This is very very insightful with hopefully many helps to fix this issues we having with game.

24 hours later no fix, dude, have they heard of a rollback or smt.

Trading disabled for 1 week now, omegalul

Can’t pass the splash screen here neither…

As others said this is the nvme bug/issue that many had at launch. if you have a ssd mmove the game there and it will run. If you don’t have a slow drive to put it on i rememeber there was another workaround where you run another app to stress your nvme(sorry don’t remember the name) while logging in

Some good dudes gave the solution here : SOLUTION to at least get in

You need to rename your dstorage.dll (in Diablo 4 folder) then it works !

why should “updating” the dll do the trick? DirectStorage isnt even activated in the game’s exe, nor there are any flags to activate this feature…

Seems like HokusPokus like “alt+enter” until real fix.

see, if the Game would/could use DStorage, the Game wont load without loading them…

I went to bed and after 8h, I’m still unable to login. I am stuck at the Blizzard screen

This is a disgrace, I can’t enter the game, is anyone interested?

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oh my goodness it is madding that it does this i spent the entire day yesterday trying to login.

Well, Microsoft did acquire Blizzard … while I also am a Windows PC user, all I can say is 'nuff said …


I can concur with the dstorage.dll and dtoragecore.dll issue. I replaced both my files with the latest version from Nov 2023 and I no longer freeze after 10 minutes of playtime. I was always able to login but would freeze in game shortly afterward. awesome t/s to OP

I know its repetitive at this point but I am also freezing regularly at the log in screen. My first freeze was actually at the Blizzard logo on launch. Its like the patch reverted the game to its release date state where it was freezing constantly.

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How about Microsoft/Blizzard refund everyone’s money that is being affected by the latest patch disaster.

What do You people think?


SOLUTION: I can verify that renaming the file as suggested above works. I can now start the game in full screen mode without hanging.

1. Go to the Diablo 4 directory.
2. Make a copy of the file dstorage.dll and put it in a temporary folder for safe keeping.
3. Rename the file “dstorage.dll” to “dstorage.dll.bak”

The game now loads perfectly and I haven’t had an in game crash or freeze in 90 minutes of play testing.


Had the same issue.

For whatever reason, I logged into D2 and immediately logged back out - and after that, I was successful in logging into D4 again.

Don’t know why - but that’s what finally worked for me.

Same here, also does the same thing sometimes after porting to a new zone. Seems to be a zone loading issues rather than a game loading issue.

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This worked for me! The dll thing. I haven’t played long enough yet to comment on stability but I have at least gotten INTO the game. Thanks to you and the others that brought up this workaround.

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Exact same issue. Hope the devs are seeing this.

i hope they tell exactly what caused this for many people. im curious because it works fine for me and im usually the unlucky type :wink: