Game Crashing specifically after patch 1.0.3 (June 27th) (Addressed with Patch)

I would like to play, but four crashes in a 2 hour period?

I give up until they fix this.

I crash immediately. I do have not OC on my GPU. Factory setting. So much for OC reset. Why would I need to OC a 4090 in D4???

I’m a RN who came from a trailer home. You’re just a low thought individual. Perhaps you just described yourself, and of course you do nothing but ad hom and don’t address the issue.

3 days to respond, is this normal time?

Reducing CPU overclock is what fixed it for me. 2 days of >4 hour sessions and crash free. Never had my gpu overclocked nor messed with that

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We have a client patch hitting PC this afternoon to help with the crashes players have been experiencing. We will have patch notes update and you will see a client patch this afternoon once this is deployed.


Umm its already 430 Pm here what time are we looking at this patch deployment? Little more info would be helpful them just sit tight

I’m play on and Xbox and crashing every 2 or 3 minutes

What about the console users?

I have both hard crashes > back to desktop and the game freezing (loosing connectivity) client still running but everything else freezes (have logged out of character) and can log back in. Unfortunately, it then loses all progress made to that point.

i cant believe they will address this today. i was alredy giving up for the weekend.

my client just downloaded. does someone confirm fix?

CPU OC not GPU while its still running at 100% utilization almost for Vram I havent crash in almost 3 hours. I was crashing every 5 minutes after the newest patch.

aaand crashed again: CAB5E3E7-BFCF-4478-85FE-AE870B0765DA

So there is a patch now? I kust got all comfy in ky bed and have my series x up to play lol

We have a client patch live on PC now. We will continue monitoring over the long weekend.


PezRadar please have someone take a look at this thread, its beyond annoying there being 400 posts and 0 communication from Blizzard’s part.

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testing now will leave feedback, maxed out resolution and assets
crossing fingers

that so called patch didn’t fix nothing. i can play D3 no problem at all but i go to D4 after this patch and guess what. it crashes again.

Still crashes just role back the patch.