Game crashes on startup

someone got it working also by running crystaldiskmark while lunching the game to make the disk slower

This worked on my end also. I have a 2 TB Samsung 990 Pro with PCIE Gen 3 connection speeds but making my SSD slower with benchmark leads to an insta login.

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i hope it work is reinstalled . 4 GB to go

the problem is i donwloaded the benchmark software, but people say someting about settings and switch to NVME but for me it dont show up

I renamed dstorage.dll to dstorage.dllbkp and since then no crashs during startup. Maybe you can try.
Since there is many reports about changing SSDs solving the problem, I think disabling Direct Storage is the way to go for the moment, until they fix it.


This actually is the way to fix it apparently, which is bonkers.

Deleting dstorage.dll from the main DiabloIV install directory before launching the game fixes the crashing issues for me.
The game will recreate the dll, so it needs to be deleted every time the game is launched…


The Crystal Disk Mark fix was working, then it stopped working. This renaming of the DLL worked for me! Thank you for sharing!

Also having this issue. Been there since beta. Everything is stable except at launch and locks up occasionally on cinematics.

DLL delete did not work for me unfortunately.

DLL delete worked for me, at least this time. Thanks for the hard work figuring this stuff out.

Setting, DisableChromaEffects to 1 within the LocalPrefs.txt file in Documents\Diablo IV addressed the issue for me.

Today’s update fixed my problem. No need to rename dstorage.dll or start a benchmark while opening the game.!

New update didn’t change anything for me unfortunately. Still getting random crashes.

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I have tried most of these options. I have to reset my computer everytime and nothing is working

My PC was rebooting everytime I launched with my Asus TUF 3080Ti OC. I sent it in to ASUS and they said it failed the tests and sent me a replacement. When I got it back it still crashed.

I tried out my 1080ti from my kids computer and the game would crash after 5 minutes but not reboot like the 3080 ti.

I put my 3080 ti in the kids computer and it ran fine.
After trying several things like swapping the PSU. I eventually put their NVME into my computer and everything ran great. I ended up getting a new NVME drive and everything is fine.

I have a Sabrent Rocket 4 and according to the SMART status everything is fine. I know the Sabrent sector size is 512 instead of 4K but not sure if that is the issue. I put in a 980 Pro and everything works. So you might check your NVME.

I have gotten a few crashes now when opening the character screen or map…

I just fix the crash, wish it can help
device: steamdeck
system: win11
how to fix: delete the document/Diablo IV/LocalPrefs

My crash may caused by resolution change. Delete it to regenerate. It works.

Ive had the same crash issue since Launch, get al the way to chracter selection screen and click on my chracter to start game, it all goes black for a few minutes until it goes back to the helldoor loading screen and the game shuts down and closes out. It only ever happens upon first opening the game for the day, and never after that first time. I reinstalled the game and it still happened. This bug as well as the horse not running bug, and not seeing world boss or legions on maps bug, have been constantly effecting me with no fixes. still have yet to do a world boss or legion event.

I was having same issue. Would crash on startup, usually making to the login queue. I tried everything including moving game files from SSD to HDD, admin, uninstalling other software, etc. The only way I could make it work was reinstalling my NVIDIA driver. Not sure if it will stay fixed but we will see.

this worked beautifully - thanks