Finished my heartseeker Rogue

First impression, doing Helltides: Pew Pew Pew… the bow amazon we dreamt of.
You can kill everything so fast. Just stand there in the middle of the events, pew pew pew, turn in a circle. Every shot is healing you.

My rogue got 50k HP, good item rolls. I spend only 100.000 at the occultists. I can do the new helltide event alone. My penshot rogue who is fun doing greater nm dungeons did not scratch the Blood Maiden. Now i just pewpew her. Standing there. No reason to move out of the aoe attacks. I can bath in aoes. Niahahahahaaaaaaaaa.

Try the heartseeker build for the extra pewpewness. I have to try out the other content with it and improve it further and hunt for items. Pewpewpew :laughing:

And dont be scared that you use a basic attack and no core attack. Set a posion trap throw some caltrops and smokebombs and raise the damage. Its fun.

I keep hearing that the build is bugged and will be nerfed?

I’m enjoying my rapid fire shadow build. I have rank 16 rapid fire now and just cleared t84 pit.


So lets have fun with this build as long as it lasts and return to the 17-damage-flurry-rogue after it has been nerfed while other classes still do billions of damage. :worried:


Heartseeker is really good. I soloed uber Ziir in like a minute, lol. Even if they fix the “bugs” it’s still high A tier. We got until the rest of the season I think. Blizz has more interesting things to nerf before us.


After the experience with the Heartseeker built i wont never ever go back to:

  • 1 2 3 puncture
  • hitting Imbue skill
  • activating core skill

I used all 6 skills while playing a core-based built and im using all 6 skills with the heartseeker built. And for me the heartseeker build is the most fun build out of all.


Basic-only build

No thanks. Will probably get nerfed anyway.

Why dont you like it?

In what way?


The Victimize passive explosions double dips some passives like Exploit and some paragon nodes, and a few skills like Caltrops.

There’s no guarantee that’ll be fix’d, but it’s likely.

That said, it’ll be a shame because it’s the only build we have that can compete in the Pit.


Rapid Fire Precision is not that far behind it and doesn’t use any bugs.

It will definitely be fixed, probably not this season, though.

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Yeah, it only uses this new, hugely overturned ring :confused:

:man_shrugging: It’s still an alternative build that’s unlikely to get any major adjustment by end season. Which is not great if Victimize adjusted in a way where it falls off, given the current state of rogues.

I just did my first 82 Pit. I have every gear piece on 8/12 and farming to get 12/12 on all. I dont have all BIS items and i cant just pewpewpew w/o any effort. I use all my skills i have. The only difference between me and a coreskilluser is, that the coreskill rogue has always to do: 1,2,3 basic attacks (or maybe less with condemnation dagger), activate imbuement and then he can cast his precious coreskill once at full power.

That is feeling awkward once you just press a button and do your damage and concentrate on all the other skills you got. Imagine playing a first person shooter and you always have to throw 3 knives till you can use your normal shot.

Pit 85 done. Now its feeling like playing against Sponge Bob :joy:

That’s cool, Bitslappa. I’m enjoying my Heartseeker set up too. For the longest time I was scared to try the Tormented Bosses thinking my skill wasn’t good enough. Then I tried Tormented Varshan on a whim. He killed me a couple of times but I eventually got him down. Then I tried Tormented Steel Dude, and again, he killed me a couple of times but I vanquished him too.

Then it was on to Tormented Duriel. I almost got him on the first try but he killed me when he only had about 10% life. Took a few more tries but he was downed too.

Got a Selig Amulet from Varshan and the obligatory Resplendent Spark for first Tormented Boss kill. But I was more stoked about finally getting the Season Journey completed and all the materials I got for doing it.

Anyway, thought that was pretty cool. Even did that all with having a wrong legendary power on my gloves, lol.

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Ran two more Tormented Duriel’s and got a Doombringer. Salvaging it and the Selig allows me to craft a Shako. Just need to gather the 50 million gold. I’ve got just over half that right now, so I’ll be running the Whispers for the rest.

I’m so stoked!!!


Is a shako so much better than a helm with tempering?

Yes I’m pretty sure shako is BIS for most if not all rogue builds. The +4 skills and 20% DR can’t be beat by helm tempers imo. Also don’t forget you can get greater affixes on a shako to make it even more epic.

Seeing as how my helm had the Enshrouding aspect on it for more damage resistance from Dark Shroud (20% to be exact) and the tempers on it was a Stun proc and Increase Armor, I’m not losing much if anything that the +4 skills can’t make up for in terms of damage resistance and increased damage. I’ve got 15 ranks in Dark Shroud now and 14 Ranks in Heartseeker now.

So yeah, Shako is the better bet.

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Enshrouding is also somewhat dangerous as you are stacking too much defense into Dark Shroud which you may not have up. Which is why Assimilation is generally favored if Aspect of Might is not an option.