Finished my heartseeker Rogue

I have Might, Umbrous, and did have Enshrouding. I was probably dropping a damage aspect for a defensive one.

I have the two Basic attack modifier aspects, the aspect that turn grenades into traps and gives damage to stunned and knocked down enemies, concussive strikes on my boots, Elements on my gloves, Rapid on a ring, the vampiric thing on a melee weapon, and I can’t remember what’s on my other ring and other melee weapon.

Anyway, my Dark Shroud stayed up pretty consistently and now that I’ve replaced the Enshrouding with Shako, it’s all moot.

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Just did a Pit Tier 89 but it was a relatively easy boss in that it was the Blood Dude. I kind of like him and the Werewolf Boss best. Don’t like Slither like at all. He seems to have more HP than the other bosses and he’s the one that most often gets the Lillith Clone in his shadow rotation.


Got through a Pit Tier 96 with 99 open before the end of the night.

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is Dark Shroud reducing ONLY direct damage right? so for other types of damage, e.g. nasty AOE cast by bosses/echo bosses, DoT, ground effects… … Dark Shroud do nothing.

Not in my experience. It reduces all damage but if you stand in ground effects or get poison each tick will remove a Shroud pretty quickly. But I think it works on those. Of course, I could be wrong. I really haven’t paid that much attention and I do a lot of dodging the things you listed.

I have to farm lots of money to pay for the resettings. I dont get a + to my peasant +3 darkshrouds panties.

do not work on those. is even says: “when you take direct damage” is reduced and lose a shroud. only fpr direct hits you get damage reduction.

Good to know. Still, with Kazra spearmen and such, you would take a lot of direct damage.

I just love not having to play combo point build, combo points should die a slow and painful death imo, feels bad in an ARPG


Combo points should just be reworked to anything that deals direct damage to a unit adds a combo point. When full the next core skill spends them for additional effect/damage.

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Im still having so much fun with the heartseeker rogue i guess thats the build i will always play. It doesnt matter what content i play its just fun with it. :woman_elf: :bow_and_arrow:

Before the heardseeker rogue i really liked rabbit :rabbit2: :rabbit2: :rabbit2: fire / flurry rogue. But for me nothing comes close to heartseeker fun.

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