Everyone chill... Read this

First, go to the right part of the forum… :wink:

There was an error. (Code 316719) - PC Technical Support - Diablo IV Forums (blizzard.com)

Finally, remember, it’s a BETA, you didn’t pay for the BETA, you paid for the final released game in june… This is just gravy. It’s meant to help the devs stress test and find bugs.

Anyone angry at this should never play during a beta. Period.


Well actually we paid for the Beta.
Early Beta Access is Part of every Edition that was pre-ordered. Part of at least 69,99€ worth of Product that was bought.


No, Beta invitation was included in the product as one of many perks when pre-ordered. If you have ever played a beta, you will know it’s not the finished product and there will be a lot of issues. Thats part of a Beta. Thats why you have a beta, to figure out what problems will occur so you can fix it for the finished product.


That’s like saying when I pay for a combo meal, if I don’t get the drink that it’s fine… Because I paid for the combo meal and the drink is a perk added to the normal item.

And i can tell you right now, there is no way an issue this huge causing qeue’s of greater than 3 hours to enter during a LIMITED ACCESS timeframe is going to be even moderately fixed before launch. I highly doubt they’ll even be able to fix it before the open beta, which is why they pre-emptively stated they’re working on getting the “Qeued” screen to always display a timer because they know full well it’s beyond saving.

I bet the personnel in charge of coding the server based crap they just had to tack on, and the actual server technicians themselves are hoping they don’t get fired for this debacle. As this isn’t the first time this company has ever launched a server based game. Surely they have TTPs (Training, Tactics, and Procedures) for how to do this kind of thing given they’ve been doing it for over 2 decades.


I did pay for beta. There is an item you can only get in beta if you reach certain levels and cities. It’s the only reason I am bothering with this beta. Now, because I’m not a percious streamer, I am sitting in queue for hours and hours only to get DCed straight back to queue. So, in all likelihood, I will miss out on an item I want, and paid for, for no fault of my own.


I guess everyone saying “I paid for beta” must have forgotten there is a free beta next week. You could have avoided all this outrage. Then again, if you paid $70 - $100 for a 3 day beta, then your mom really needs to be in charge of your finances.


Really? Then if they truly wanted to “stress test” the servers, then why force people to pay to gain access to said stress test? Hmmm?? Why do only people who paid have access this weekend?? Hmmm??? Why do they want people to “pre-order”??? Hmmm???


Some of us are only playing beta, or trying to anyway, for the item you can only receive by playing beta. Now, through no fault of our own, we will miss out on it.
Some of us can spend $100 for a three day game, kiddo. :wink:


Eat it. They tied a one-time reward to the game that can only be gotten during the beta. With that being the case they need to make the damn game at least playable. They know how many preorders there were, they at the very least need to make sure before the beta launches that they can handle the traffic of AT LEAST the pre-orders all at the same time.

This is horse poo and you know it.


Lol, you can still earn said rewards next week, methusula. :wink:


THIS absolutely THIS and nobody gets it. AND y’all are all mad

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Oh man, you’re trying to be reasonable with people foaming at the mouth right now.

Agreed though – I’m enjoying it regardless

We are meant to report bugs and provide feedback especially translation stuff. Wait until people realize everything is wiped and they don’t keep anything :slight_smile:


super duper calla fra ga lis tic story bro.

YES! Thank you! My god. The tilt on here is crazy.
I was excited too!
Had same issues, now I’m back to OW2 to practice.

Honestly? I pre-ordered for the cosmetics and bonus stuff on launch.
To say the early access wasn’t also a factor would be lying, but it’s not why I hit that “purchase” button at the end of it.

If ya’ll literally spent that much SOLELY for the early access, that’s a little unnerving and might be suggestive of impulse control issues.

To each their own I guess.

  • Would I prefer to be playing? Absolutely.
  • Am I cognizant that this is the first time launch, regardless of as advertised status? Yep.
  • Am I going to let this ruin my Friday AND weekend being salty about it? Nope.

Man, these andies say the dumbest things*, I swear it.

Yes. We did pay for the beta. Maybe not everyone ordered early FOR the beta, but a large amount of people did. Including myself. The game was packaged and advertised as “Buy now! Get Beta access!”. Not only that, all packages are advertised as having this access. Thus, you pay for it.

Come up with better arguments.


Buying something FOR beta access? Yikes bro


thats my biggest fear, that next week the login queue times will be much more higher than tonight

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That’s sort of the problem here, we can’t play


It could still be a dumpster fire, no doubt but there’s a pinned comment from the devs acknowledging the issue and that they are working on a solution.

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Blizzard’s own advertising makes clear that they consider early access to be a highly valuable and core component of the products sold to this point. So no, it is not OK to claim they don’t really need to let you log in and play.

Glitches in-game, bugs, unfinished areas, etc. - those are beta issues.

Not being able to play at all = that’s a service not delivered issue, no excuses.