Druid is strong, super strong

I’m not fully optimized yet, but I face tanked Nilcar and crew and obliterated them.

I’m using a bear build with uniques at 25, and I’m already hitting for 1.8-1.9 Overpowered Pulvs on the reg.

And I’m rolling around with insane damage reduction.

I think people don’t realize just how good this class is. Hint Legendary uniques are dropping what is currently available for your character to unlock in the listed powers on the occultist. These powers will be baseline in the game when we can move around different areas and unlock them via dungeons.

I don’t think people realize it yet, because we’re in a beta, but the abilities are listed there for you to look at, at what is possible.


If I were to bet, you won’t be rolling in all uniques at level 25 when it goes live.


The complaints are mostly that in comparison to other classes it is severely undertuned. Not just damage but resource generation and spending. Bear felt worse than any other class to me by far. Sure you can deck it out…but try decking out a necro/sorc. ~1.8k is not anything to be stoked about.

The classes should be much closer in effectiveness regardless of potential. We shouldn’t need stacked legendaries or level xx for it to feel good when others don’t need that same effort.


You realize you can craft uniques at the occultist, and all the powers on my armor currently are the ones you unlock in dungeons when the full game releases.

Yes, you very well can roll in full 25s in uniques, that’s the point.

I pray the devs don’t listen to these forums.


There will likely be balancing changes all the way through launch.

Not really something to be concerned over. I would be far more concerned about build availability.


I honestly don’t think they will keep this current itemization for release. Just my thoughts. I mean I could be totally wrong.

It’s pretty glaringly obvious all uniques at lvl 25 is too OP.

That’s besides the point. Other classes aren’t required to do that to perform much better.

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Other classes cant mindlessly tank bosses with 75% damage reduction either.

People are being jaded just to be jaded.


I highly doubt you are in full uniques. Unless you mean full legendaries? Uniques in this game are vastly superior to legendaries and are extremely rare atm.

Not all classes need to or will face tank. That doesn’t mean that they are objectively better or worse. You are still comparing your end beta chr with specialized/decked out legendaries to the common leveling experience.

And you’re judging your leveling experiencing on a snippet of data not reflective of the full picture.

Mine however, can all be reproduced assuming they dont change the powers that are unlocked from dungeons.

Get smoked.

I have the same build but i hit 2.8k overpower crits… and 1400+ regular overpower every 10 hits

1.8 - 1.9k at lvl 25 and you think that’s big numbers? I crit with my rogue or my Sorc 6k average


Bear is easily the worst druid build I’ve played. Their overpowers are strong but not every hit is an overpower and a lot of their damage comes from staying healthy for long periods of time which is not always feasible.

bear is still going to clear dungeons at 25 but easily the slowest of all builds as far as I have experienced. Poison werewolf is insanely good right now. Full zoo druid does pretty well too, I used tornado and supported them with nighthowl. Lightning storm druid is very very powerful and fun to play. Earth druid is surprisingly tanky and was very good at stunning bosses. I was able to kill butcher at 25 with earth druid so that was nice. My only complain about earth is that the spike legendary kills your resource gen by giving it a cooldown

Druid seems like you can build it anyway you desire and still do well and that is a 10/10 from me.

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The only slight thing I think I might differ on is that Necro seems pretty darned fine out the gate, without significant numbers of legendaries. Ran a necro up to 15 before I decided to give druid a whirl. The druid is at 21, and the journey up so far did not feel the same.

To be fair, some of that is likely due to (a) my experimentation with a basic attack focused build and (b) luck (or rather unluck) of the draw in terms of legendary powers which came up along the way. The armor stacking power on a chest piece my rogue got this morning will be real useful to the druid once the rogue finishes using the item and can pass it along for the druid to strip.

Would love to discuss build ideas/strategies with someone enthused about the class, but clearly in the larger forum here it is all posturing by people with complaints (not all silly but mostly).

You could be doing more damage as a level 7 sorc in full whites.

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Get smoked.

No need to get riled up man.

And you’re judging your leveling experiencing on a snippet of data not reflective of the full picture.

We all are. None of us know how things will look from 26+.

Mine however, can all be reproduced assuming they dont change the powers that are unlocked from dungeons.

You are objectively wrong. If a class is undertuned from lvl 1-25 without any legendaries compared to other classes…thats a problem. All classes will only get better. Druid compared to most of, if not all, of the other classes is not in a good spot.

Not only that but they’ve already said that legendary drop rates were increased for beta… It’s not gonna be fun for you when you don’t have a cap of 25 and easy access to these legendary crutches you lean on.

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Super strong at having to build resources, yup.

Is it only me or does enhanced pulv does not always reset its 10 second timer and bugs out dulling the damage during fights?

The Butcher’s Cleaver is the only unique item in the beta. I think you mean legendaries…

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