Diablo 4 was better than a lot of games in 2023

Better than The Day Before, Redfall, Gollum and Mortal Kombat 1 on switch.


It’s also better than the mental game I play after walking into a steel beam.


Yep, but according to the fourms it was worse than The Day Before which shut down after 3 days. Lol.

I mean its not the greatest thing that came out but ive had a lot of fun in D4.


Do all of these have live service as well?

What we have now wasnt what we had 1 month ago or couple months ago, or season 1 or pre season at all or at release.


Honestly, it was better than MK1 on any device. MK1 was probably the biggest gaming disappointment in 2024 personally.

Edit: Story was good, for what it is, but the online play and Invasion mode were just.,… ehhhh…

“Better” is a subjective thing. I mean, D4 got very negative reviews on Steam when it launched there but the last 50% of them have trended as very positive. It’s just a matter of opinion on the quality of the game.

I always tell people who ask me for movie suggestions to not take my opinion too seriously. Go find someone who actually likes the movies you do for the reasons you do and then pay attention to their opinions on stuff you haven’t seen. You’ll get a more accurate recommendation that way. The same holds true for games but there’s a slight difference in that gaming seems to focus on trends more than the quality of something. With movies it’s unlikely that you’ll see universal disdain or praise for something but in gaming if the right people say something then a mass of people will repeat it as gospel regardless of what their feelings may be.

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Subjective like utilizing steam reviews… the game released on battle.net. Anyone hardcore or casual fans would have purchased. Steam purchases are filled with casual players and as Diablo 4 is directed towards casual players, steam will continue to get people who have never played arpgs or Diablo, to join in the purchasing, playing the campaign and giving it a thumbs up. The reviews will continue to grow in positivity as more of the casual consumers join in the purchasing.

A clever move on blizzards part to find more casual players who eat whatever they’re served.


Why do you bother. You’re such a pathetic troll. Are you paid by someone to try and ruin other people’s fun? Seriously, this statement is the most evenhanded post on the forums and you choose to cry over it. Freakin pathetic. Limp as hell. No life. I feel sorry for you. I can’t imaging what a miserable existence you must have.

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You’re so angry when facts hit you. Calm down, it’s just a game, seems odd you are so enraged.


How am I mad? I’m not the one trying to reply to someone’s post history, that’s you. You have to be seething to reply to my posts specifically in multiple threads. I believe what you’re doing constitutes harassment according to the ToS.

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Dude, calm down, it’s literally just a game… and sorry that you are allowed to reply to me, but I can not reply back. Cool rules troll.


According to the forum it was worse than the apocalypse.


For as big of an unfinished buggy mess as redfall is, I had way more fun playing it.
The difference is if they wanted they could actually fix redfall. D4 is a spaghetti coded mess that everytime they fix one thing something else breaks. It will literally be impossible to completely fix d4


Its funny you should check out the PoE fourms. I dont know why fourms are more negitive trashing that game.

PoE has just as much hate on the fourms but less trolling. Last week was the first time in like 9 years i was there.

People complaining about

  1. Lag
  2. Feeling entitled to items
  3. Grinding
  4. RMT

Is it the worst game ever made? No. Is it the worst ARPG out there? Also no. Does it still need a lot of work? Absolutely. Is it currently being worked on and updated periodically? Yes. Will it live up to the standards of the community at large? Maybe in a couple of years.


What the game has going for it is that it’s easy enough to pick up and play whenever you want without ever having to get really fully invested. Compare that to the GOTY which you have to invest heavily into the stories, choices and systems of that game to even scratch the surface, but it’s not a game for everyone.

I can also make a more recent comparison from my own experience during my holiday break where I decided to play CP2077 from the beginning again along side the new expansion. Sure you can mindlessly blast your way through that game, but running through all of the missions and side missions brings a level of context and depth to the game.

I also would like to think that Blizzard will follow a similar path as CDPR and do everything in its power to redeem themselves for their fans. CP2077 was a mess at launch and the game today plays so much smoother and has a real depth to its gameplay to go alongside fully customizable builds and plenty of build diversity. A couple years on and that game just feels really good.

Here is hoping D4 can continue on its path to redemption.


a lot = 4?

are we really comparing a multi billion dollar company to those games?

the day before (an extremely tiny company led by a bare minimum amount of pple counted on 1hand)
gollum (a team that has been known to not deliver to much great content)

really wanna go there?..

last i checked there were as i quote from the internet:

Diablo 4 credits feature over 9,000 people

seems like a fair comparison a Multi BILLION dollar company vs, 1 tiny one, 1 extremly tiny one…



You seem awfully mad over a post with all this hate

Well, god damn. replying to your posts constitutes harassment now, how does the reverse not hold true to you replying to people all the time
Guess I have to find out how to put you on ignore in case I harass you without realizing it and I get hit with a harassment claim
especially seeing as I have already replied to you a handful of times over various threads already

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That game is a known scam, ok that part is same to D4 but at least the buyers got their money back…in that regard yea The Day Before was better than D4


Here’s an interesting thought, what is the worst arpg? Diablo 4 has problems but I don’t think it’s the worst one out there