Diablo 4 Season 4 Quick-and-Dirty Notes

From the Diablo 4 Season 4 Preview Campfire Chat

  • Season 3 end delayed to May 14th
  • Season 4 now starts May 14th

Public Test Realm

  • PC-only Battle Net-only PTR test realm starts April 2nd-April 9th
  • Boost to level 100, 100 million gold, 1000 obols, everything is auto-unlocked except the Codex

Itemization Overview

  • Tier 3 = Sacred items only
  • Tier 4 = Ancestral items only
  • new crafting system to improve items, add affixes
  • Rare items now have 2 affixes
  • Legendary items now have 3 affixes
  • Unique items can drop in WT1 and WT2.
  • Uber Unique items can drop as low as level 55.
  • Uniques and Legendaries now tradeable

Quality Over Quantity

  • Less Affixes
  • More useful, more powerful, less “conditional” afffixes
  • No more than one “Skill” affix will on 1 item (no more items with +Charge and +HOTA and +Whirlwind)
  • the Damage on Tuesdays stuff is going away
  • Smart loot main stats. Sorcerer items have INT. Barbarian items have STR.
  • Legendary items from level 95+ monsters are always 925 power.
  • Excess gems sell for gold
  • Enchanting items has a gold cap on rerolls
  • “You’re not walking out of a nightmare dungeon with 25 items”
  • Instead of the annoyance of converting common herbs to each other (reddamine, etc.) have been consolidated.
  • Forgotten Souls now drop from Whispers and (rarely) elites.
  • “Get your build going quicker”

Codex of Power

  • ALL legendary aspects appear in the Codex of Power.
  • Salvaging a legendary item permanently upgrades the version in the Codex.
  • Filter added to the Codex of Power – Favorites, My Class Only
  • Legendary aspect power grows in WT4. So a 20-30% aspect can go to 35% in WT4.
  • Maxxed out aspects have a gold border in the Codex of Power.
  • Codex is shared between all characters of a specific type (season, eternal, season HC, eternal HC).
  • Codex of Power does still “reset” every season for seasonal characters.

New systems


  • Add NEW affixes to items
  • add projectiles to your attack, increase the size of your attack
  • Tempering Manuals – a book that teaches 4 new affixes that could be added to your item
  • Drop from most content
  • Tempering attaches one affix from the Manual (1 in 4 random)
  • Enchant to switch to another affix from the manual until you run out of tries (Tempering Durability)
  • Sacred items can be tempered once to add one affix. Ancestral items can be tempered twice to get a total of 5 affixes.
  • Unique Items cannot be Tempered.

Greater Affixes

  • More powerful versions of normal affixes
  • All affixes are maxed out and have 1.5x multiplier
  • Only appear on Ancestral Legendary and Unique items
  • Visually obvious, graphical sparkles and a Roman numeral II
  • A Greater Affix can be enchanted (rerolled) off to another desired stat but it won’t be greater. Rerolling a regular affix can never produce a greater affix, they only drop in the world.
  • basically “exalted items” from Last Epoch


  • Replaces the one-button upgrades (1-5 stars) system we have now
  • Late game crafting system to upgrade items
  • Each item can be upgraded 12 times
  • at ranks 4, 8, and 12, ONE of the affixes (randomly picked) gets a huge (25%) improvement
  • all other ranks, all the stats increase slightly
  • you can reset and try again to Masterwork an item to get the desired big improvement
  • the same stat can be boosted 2 or 3 times if you are super lucky
  • Uniques can be Masterworked.


  • XP for World Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 massively buffed.


  • Helltides now available in World Tier 1 and 2.
  • Helltide mob density dramatically increased.
  • Fighting in Helltides builds up a Threat meter. Filling it up basically gives you season 2 bloodseekers.


  • Summoning materials are easier to get. Whispers can drop a summoning material. Local events can drop a summoning material.
  • New Boss: Andariel
    – summoning parts drop from Beast in Ice and Lord Zir
    – same drop table as Duriel

“The Pit” – Greater Rifts

  • Artificer’s Obelisk (Portal)
  • Starts at Tier 1 (monster level 100)
  • costs 1 Rune Shard to access
  • 10 minutes
  • multiple floors
  • No nightmare affixes
  • Randomized layout
  • Randomized enemies
  • Death penalty you lose 30 seconds
  • Reward if you finish within the time is Masterworking Materials needed to Masterwork items. You always get some loot.
  • Sometimes you will get a boss to deal with at the end of the rift.
  • To upgrade items to level 12 masterworking, you have to do the harder Obelisks since the material that drops depends on the Tier. There are 3 types of material which are roughly limited to Pit levels 1-33, 34-66, 67-100.
  • Stygian Stones drop in the Pit
  • Stygian Stones – used to summon level 200 tormented versions of the summoned Uber Bosses which have a higher chance to drop Uber Uniques

Bonus: Camera Setting!

All currently held items from seasons 1-3 and Eternal will get a LEGACY flag and cannot be Tempered or Masterworked.

Will leave it to someone else to post the Class notes.


Ya sadly not much point in playing until patch rolls out. Ill prob be deleting 5 of my 9 Barbs in eternal and just play eternal next patch.

Thank you, op.
I was looking for that.

Seeing nice stuff… really nice stuff.


Thank you for the summary! Very nice to have a big picture layout like such. Definitely looks like a few new characters on Eternal will def be the move, much like Asyrian said. Very fun, might be some good group play with friends just like on Launch. Cheers.

And the old ones are staying around on the eternal realm. Those things will go for a lot of gold years from now.

Wait… shouldn’t we be hunting those RIGHT NOW, to stash them for the future?

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I appreciate the summary for those of us that weren’t able to watch it.

On paper, this sounds like a massive QoL update. We will see how it pans out in PTR and what adjustments they make as a result of it.

Might actually have me excited to play again.

Pumped for Andariel. She was fun and cool looking but you only got to fight her once unless you replayed entire campaign.


Very nice summary, was going to make one myself but now I don’t have to. Thank you for this. :+1:

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Thanks for the summary.

It’s been slammed with the D3 bat which is ok.

D4 systems have just been a mess overall.

Thank god LE came out and shocked these developers into action.

LE might just have saved the Diablo franchise.

Haters gonna hate.


Yup. It’s actually a motivation to play right now. I’m just going to play eternal to hunt them.

Curious tho, I think I understood them saying the legacy items with +skill stats will not be craftable tho, so not sure they’ll be useful if you can’t put an aspect on them or upgrade them? Thoughts?

Depends on how they scale +skill items. Even if they don’t start that way, 5 years down the road skills on items might scale so incredibly that these legacy items become over the top broken even without any crafting.

I’m just going to tuck them away in case.

What builds need 2 skills on 1 item?*

*Some of the Tempering books might let you add a skill, so 2 skills on 1 item are not impossible, they just won’t happen natively.


A number of things you people have been asking for. Let’s see how successful it is.

Nice writeup. Instant +1. First impressions are this is a big win overall even with trading of nearly all items helping RMT. The massive delay sucks bad though.

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Free bump for ppl that need to see this.

  • PC only PTR test realm starts April 2nd-April 9th

Tiny correction: The PTR is PC BNet only. Players on steam won’t have access.

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doubt it, “legacy” items cannot be improved the same way as new ones (imprint, masterwork , greater affix…)
meaning they’ll be most likely be weaker.

Not necessarily. Especially if skill levels scale well, or they create builds that are not possible without them. Certainly worth keeping around and farming as many as possible just in case. If they turn out to be duds, oh well. No harm no foul.

Does this apply to current uniques and Uber uniques? So I won’t be able to master work my harlequin and others? Kinda sucks.