Diablo 4 Needs a 7th Skill Slot for Ultimate Abilities- BADLY

Diablo 4 needs a 7th ability button for Ults.

I’m playing Rogue, and with 6 abilities and no ult, I have a great, highly functional kit. It’s actually fantastic. I just got to the level where I can add an ultimate ability, and If I’m gonna swap one ability, it’s either gonna be my dash or my shadow blade/poison blade (the buff I use when I go invisible), but if I do that, my kit feels severely limited, and honestly the character doesn’t feel worth playing. I play on console, and one of the stick clicks could easily be utilized for activating my ultimate ability.

I wanted to make a post about this, hoping with my fingers crossed that a dev might see it, or that I add to the multitudes who I’m sure are confronting the same issue.

I would love to keep playing this class, but it feels terrible as is, trying to be a powerful, highly mobile, mostly-mele trickster.


This was mentioned many times about the beta. Absolutely no reason we cant have 8 or 10 abilities available with a single press of something like LB or RB or L or R3


Yeah, it’s actually ridiculous. I would understand if every console button was utilized, so they wouldn’t do it because they want it to be fully cross-console compatible, but the stick clicks and some of the D-pad directions aren’t being used, and could easily be integrated.


D3 used the right stick for dodge mech, I don’t know why they put dodge on B button tbh, and I feel that opening the B button for extra skill and mapping the dodge to stick would be better. It’s not tabs, but 7 is better than 6 and less confusing than 12 :rofl:


yeah- a whole tab would be amazing, but it could have the posibility of making PC users more OP due to quick-use interface accessibility. But if they had dodge on stick click, and a WHOLE B button opened up… wow, what a world it would be


I agree.
Dogde on stick so that frees up the B button and then L3 + R3 for ultimate ability, which means 7 abilities can be equipped and an ulti. I mean most fames that have a super/ulti use the L3+R3 or L1+R1 options.
Or just use UP on d-pad for ulti and move emotes to the left or right d-pad as they are unused.


It would see me slotting in a second spender or third cool-down ability.
We got a tonne of choices with spenders, cooldowns, wrath’s etc. the build I’ve got functions well enough solo, works better with 1-3 more players as it’s more of a tanky build that relies on burst damage (Druid), but I can’t help but feel the balance of classes and builds themselves would benefit from that 7th slottable skill. Especially pet builds….

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I’m trying to wrap my head around why they decided to put dodge as O instead of right on the directional like they did with D3. It’s an easy way to give us another button. I tried to reassign it, but it didn’t give me the option for directional.

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Not sure why I see several posts about adding more abilities. This is’nt a keybind limitation issue, if they wanted more than 6 abilities they could’ve easily introduced a button layout to accommodate it. I really dont see them adding more ability slots.


Not if we dont ask they wont no lol


You have limited space for ablilites meaning not all will fit which the intened desgin. It’s up to you to figure out which ones you want to have. You can always respect them. Gold is easy to come. Dev did this so new builds can be made.


You can separate the main skill assigned under X from the action button, e.g. lifting. Unfortunately, there is no button for one skill on the pad. The console version should have controls similar to Diablo 2 Resurected, where the L2 button has the function of the FN button multiplying the buttons on the pad.
On PC there is no such problem as long as you play with mouse and keyboard. Playing on the X360 pad, I had the same problem as on PS5 - the button is missing. This is very annoying because I often have to kill all the monsters to be able to pick up something. On the easiest difficulty level, after exceeding LV40, it became so difficult that sometimes you have to work a lot more to pick up a specific item. The only option for now is to change the highlighting of items so that monsters are not tracked at this time, which would allow you to pick up items.

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Agreed. As it stands, I don’t even use Ultimates because they take up valuable space on my bar that I’d rather use for skills that don’t have such a long cooldown. Playing with an Ultimate is like playing with a hand tied behind your back. That’s terrible. Ultimates should have their own ‘oh crap’ button outside of the skillbar that’s just always there for when you really need them. They’re far too situational for the space we have, now.


Exactly this. And playing without an ultimate, I feel like I’m just waiting for the moment that I get stat checked hard enough that I have to respawn and swap a part of my functional kit, only to remove the ult again after the fight. Thank god I’m not playing hardcore.

As it is, I don’t feel like I’ll get the usage with it to learn how to integrate it into my combo, but instead just having it as an “sigh guess i gotta do this boss with this ability now and just stand in one place spamming power moves.”

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No, they don’t need a 7th button. They NEED a WHOLE obtainable action bar. Restricting us to 6 is LAME. There are many more abilities than 6 you can get and the fact that you’re forced to try to make YOUR amazing build then scrap every idea you ever had because of restrictions is really f’d up. You either make the build THEY WANT YOU to make or sacrifice your dream build OR respec every single time you get to a hard boss or something that demands your attention. Imagine if PoE only had 6 slots? Imagine if Grim Dawn only had 6. Imagine if you couldn’t hot swap in D2 or D3 when you wanted to. That’s D4. FORCED anorexia.

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gOtTa MaKe iT aCcEsSiBlE wUt iF i OnLy hAvE nO tHuMbS n PlAy W ma FeEt

Hot swapping in D3?.?.? Last time I checked, only 1 bar.

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Yes… i am playing a necromancer wanted to be focused on summoning and shadow. Summon skeleton, golem, ultimate. So your 2 basic attacks and 1 spell. Does that sound fun. 1 freaking ability to use past the 2 basics. When I got to my golem quest and found out it was not part of the summon skeleton skill I was incredibly disappointed. It is like they want the necromancer class to not be a summoner or something. As least if they ultimate was on a separate skill slot I’d have 2 whole spells to play with. And I don’t really count the basics, those are just spammed light and heavy attacks.

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They need to unbind evade or put it on the right stick in whatever direction it’s pressed. That will give an extra slot. I want more skills!

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OR better yet, let the dang thing use the paddles that many players have on the back of their controllers now. Nothing is more annoying that having 18 inputs but 4 or 6 of them can ONLY be mirrors of others vs actually separate mappable ones.

Stop coding to the lowest common denominator and (xbox at least) recognize that their pro controller has extra inputs available!