Diablo 4 crashes when it is loading

How much RAM is in your system?

16 gb.It happens even on the lowest settings. 2060 super,i7 7700/.

64 GB Ram (Corsair)
RTX 4070 TI
Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Elite AX

My system is new. I don’t have such problems with any apps or other games.

All this crap started with patch 1.3.1. I’ve really tried EVERYTHING you can try. It doesn’t help.

Some people have reported that the game isn’t managing memory usage very well, and that game will crash on 16GB systems. I haven’t seen this problem on my 32GB system.

Mine is fixed. They figured it out and fixed with that little quick patch q few days ago obviously. It was driving me nuts.

Directstorage issue continues to happen after latest patch. Whenever it is enabled my load times quadruple. I disabled it again.

i have since about 2 weeks a Problem to start the Game.
I play it on PC battle.net - start the game - battle net shows me after 1-2 seconds “in game” but i am still on Desktop. Task Manager shows me Data like i am ingame, so it looks like the Game is in the background anywhere.

The curious thing is, if i close it on task Manager and get a reboot i can start it in battle,net - but always just with reboot. I tried different things, like new installation, emergency scan. Also the fix that helps many guys from the devs with the -disableds doesnt figure it out.

I play the game since betas without any Problems and this kind of Problem is since one of the latest patches.

GPU 1080 TI
128 GB RAM

Get anyone the same issue or can anyone help?

I have been playing the Battle.net-version of D4 through GeForce Now for some time now. Before patch 1.3.5, that enabled raytracing, everything worked perfectly. But since the patch I have been having a lot of crashes. When it happens, it’s always during a loading screen. I tried the -disableds but it didn’t work, I still got a crash. This is making me not wanting to play the game, as I can’t know when the crash will happen.


I had this same issue, also after that patch and also only in D4.
I tried everything, i eventually gave up. a week or two later i had some strange things happening in Valorant and decided to check the error reports, i found loads of issues in the windows registry. i ended up doing a full reinstall of windows, issues went away.
I’m pretty sure Valorant broke my windows registry and i am not the only one this happened to, it’s happened at a Valorant tournament mid game.

Was crashing every time I logged in, sometimes at the character select and other times just a few min after getting into world.

My fix:

Disabled “Hardware-Accelerated GPU scheduling”

Opened Battle.net, ran a scan / repair on D4.

Played for 3 hours without a single issue on all max / ultra settings. GPU Temp never got over 45C, GPU 55C, and GPU Usage maxed at 78,

Before it had been 0-100% hovering around 90s most of the time.

My setup:

4090 24Gb

Hope this helps!

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