Diablo 4 crashes when it is loading

already did this no help.

For the love of god if you are on the D4 team please read all of this. Everyone here is having a ton of the same issues logging in. This needs to be addressed a.s.a.p. People who still want to play this franchise after all the bogus nonsense that has happened to it are struggling. Struggling to even log in and play. Fix the the servers and get a new dev team. People in this community still want to play in high hopes they succeed in even logging in.

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Have had no issues until a week ago. Game crashes at loading screens between maps and at initial loading screen.

I had this exact same problem, it felt like I tried everything and nothing worked, until I uninstalled it and downloaded the game on another driver. Now it runs fine again. Apparently your driver can be too fast and it makes the game freeze, so dont worry about installing it on a slow one, that might actually work better than a fast one for this game -.-

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I have tried both the dstorage and -disableds fixes. Still crashed while TPing. Most of my crashes have been with TP. (Plenty of others, btw, probably 50 this week.)

Have played for a number of months without issues, starting since Season 2. After today’s hotfix (2), the first launch crashed with an out of memory error. Launches, afterwards, failed when trying to start game with a selected character until I rebooted my PC.

Issue appears to be related to the most recent hot fix for me.

glad i found this worked for me also

The Teleporting problem is because when you teleport and watching the loading screen the game is simply start to grow your Memory as hell, and Pagefile too. I had a crash yesterday after half an hour because the game pushed 50 GB of pagefile. It’s fun. You are able to watch this scenario to open your task manager and check the Diablo 4.exe memory usage. It’s start around 5 GB after the 1st teleport it’s instantly grow to 8 GB of ram, and every teleport is grow an other 500 MB to 1 GB.

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And how we can fix this issue with the memory, or we must wait for an official patch?
I’m afraid of using a teleport, open menus, character window or even the emote wheel when I arrive to a legion invasion because I don’t know if that will crash my game and again the eternal loading screens, etc. It’s terribly frustrating :expressionless:

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Move dstash.dll from d4 folder to desktop and it’ll work

Helped my clanmates fix this bs game

Use the “-disableds” CLI flag instead. If you remove dstorage.dll (there is no dstash.dll) the Updater will put it back whenever it checks itself.

I have a problem with Diablo 4 error 522. I bought it through Steam and I had tried it before and it ran fine. Now I can buy the standard version and it won’t let me log in because of that error. Does anyone know a solution?

Same issue - Blizzard, please respond, for the love of Pete.

My hero! Thanks buddy for passing that along.

More threads about similar problems.
I tried everything but nothing worked, until i could confirm that V-Ram is the foundation to my personal issue causing troubles to connect while loadingscreen and eventually even get into the game.

Upgraded from 16gb RAM to 32gb and now it Works as usual with no troubles as described in multiple threads.

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Same here… not that something will be done but… a man can hope for the best since we already have the worst!

D4 patch came down today, and the DirectStorage components have been updated to 1.22. So this should address the startup crashing issues. Hopefully, the RAM usage issue for 16GB systems has also been addressed.

Any information on the more recent disconnect issues across platforms that started after the shrine hotfix? I’m on PS5 and the game is unplayable at this point.

my game still often freezes for like 3-15 seconds (or it can just crash) when you open menus (inventory,menu(esc),map) or talking to vendors or opening stash or teleporting ,

The game still crashes. Fenris: 8E3F81B9-3EB8-4652-9618-CC76AB1C364F

Thanks for nothing Blizzard.

Been this stupid s h i t for weeks. Actually the game should be given back to you.

I have really bad insults in my head for you right now.