Devs you guys ready to admit there's a problem with the drop rate of the super uniques yet?

You’ve said SOJs, the grandfather, doombringer, andys mask etc are all in the game.

How is it possible nobody in this forum, reddit and jsp have found one of these?

If you tuned them to drop in WT5 and forgot to change it for launch when you removed that WT its not a big deal itd just be nice to have some clarity on this issue.

And if you intentionally decided to make them basically impossible to drop it would also be interesting to hear the design philosophy on that because frankly it makes no sense.

And lastly if they only drop from specific mobs or require a certain level info on that too would be appreciated because I have a feeling lots of us are throwing in the towel until there’s more content.


I’ve seen someone with a Doombringer.

No Grandfather though.

source: trust me bro

You’re only level 50. The unique won’t be utilize much. Hell, imagine getting it at level 50 and never seeing another one again until the expansion. Basically using a ilvl 300 gear while all the other stuff is ilvl 800.

Bruh, you can literally type “Diablo 4 Doombringer” into YouTube and find it. But, since you seem to be lazy, here it is:

Because most people who found it aren’t going online to publicly announce it or sell. They’re just regular people playing the game. Most probably aren’t aware of the rarity of those items. This isn’t proof of anything.

It seems like some uniques are more rare than others, which I think is a bad idea

Got 3 of the same uniques back to back

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worked though didn’t it, got you to provide your source. :face_with_monocle:

looks shopped tho.

I really hope they never drop. I really hope it’s all a lie so the devs can torture meta chasing no lifers.

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it’s definitely not a bad idea but there’s no point having items as rare as the t4 uniques in this game. i’d rather them just not exist if it’s gonna take millions of hours to see one on average

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Nope I think it’s one of the only things they got right. Games used to have super rare things all the time. It made it really cool when you would see someone running around with them. Nowadays everyone needs a participation trophy and no one can be denied anything. We have everything and yet we enjoy it less than ever. If anything I hope they make them even more rare. If the day comes when every single person I pass is decked out in full super rare items I’ll give up any hope for this game.

I don’t understand these forums some times. People say there’s lack of hard to find items (usually compared to D2 Runes), but then there’s who complain it’s too rare.

you think people are asking for items that take millions of hours to see on average? use your brain


Someone has already put in millions of hours?

the playerbase has already collectively put in far more time than that, yes

That’s interesting info, but that isn’t an answer to my question

has a single person played millions of hours? no, that’s impossible to do in one lifetime
has the playerbase collectively put in millions of hours farming wt4 since the games release over 2 weeks ago? yes, easily, yet not a single person has seen a grandfather drop and there has been ONE confirmed doombringer/shako drop.
you seem willfully ignorant so this will be my last reply to you. :wave:

I’ve been playing D2 for two decades and I haven’t had the rarest items in the game drop for me once. They also aren’t necessary. I’ve done just fine without them. I managed to craft my Enigma after ten years by getting the single runestone I needed. It was the only one I ever got.

Those kind of chase rares gain legendary status over the years. It adds something to a game and especially to players that find them. It’s amazing if you do find one and you will stand out from millions of other players. I think that’s neat, even if it will never be me.

Chase rares add nothing to the game.

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Then you have nothing to complain about if they have no effect. :grinning: Yaaay! You just solved your own problem. Well done.