Devs you guys ready to admit there's a problem with the drop rate of the super uniques yet?

Your reading comprehension is cheeks and your reply is pedantic. The chase adds nothing the effects of the items add something.

I have no idea what cheeks mean in that context. If you meen butt, I consider it a compliment. I’m a cheeks man. I have my opinions and you have yours. Neither of us is wrong. Don’t make it personal.

I wouldn’t mind ultra rares like this if you were playing d3 where you kill 20 times more enemies per dungeon. Right now there just isn’t an efficient way to grind for these items since 9/10 drops you get come from elite packs which are scarce in most dungeons.

Leads me into my next point, make nightmare dungeons better compared to their normal dungeon counterpart by increasing drop rates the higher you go and for goodness sake put some elite packs in these dungeons.

with the current rates, you could play for 10 thousand years and still not drop it. I don’t know why people can only think of extremes, jesus.

“Oh you wanted rare drops? Then why are you mad that only two people in the entire world got a drop? huh?”

Please look back and realize how stupid this sounds.

You can drop 100 other things and trade your way there. That is the defining difference.

Oh look, another streamer getting a “first” drop.

I’ll believe these items exist when Blizzard’s free advertising base aren’t the first one’s confirming it.

But somebody in D2 need to drop them first huh ? D4 is out for a 3 weeks lol
So if somebody played 2 decades and just did not trade at all… if everybody forget about trading, it is the same thing…

Is there any drop rate comparison already ?

“meta chasing” yep, imaging calling meta chasers people who play an ARPG to loot good items.

My brother in christ uniques are bound here, how will it help you if other people are dropping it?

“if somebody played the game in a way that was not intended, its exactly like d4!!!”

oh i forgot that acc bound, mea culpa

your point, noted

/I´m a fan of drops only gameplay… no fan of any trading at all.

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No hard feelings man. And yeah, i completely think that if every item was tradable in diablo 4, this wouldn’t be an issue. One thing being expensive and super rare isn’t a big deal (as we can see with mirror of kalandra in PoE), the issue is the inability to work your way towards it, and thats what bound gear does sadly :frowning:

if you have ever played any other ARPG with market economy and with incredibly rare chase items you would known that those items start to appear literally on a day 1. And by this day, and with such online(as in D4), there would already be thousands of them.

And i’m talking about incredibly rare items that you could see only one in thousands hours of gameplay.

So again anyone who’s assuming that this droprates are intentional - have no basic ARPG knowledge. It’s clearly buged.

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Done the Crown is inspecting someone that has it. He doesn’t personally have it.

Which item needs 10000 years to drop? Did blizzard give us a drop rate?
Just because two streamers got an item and not you?
I don’t understand

You seem too uninformed to join this conversation. Please come back once you learned about the game or just stop pretending to be stupid. Have a nice day

Definitely NOT random drop and has some kind of level cap of monsters to get. Only one i know of for sure was a shako that was gotten with the getting nm completions for dungeon exploit. In fact I am positive the korean guy did the same thing to get his.
If it is random good luck ever getting one I already have more play time than the average player would have in an entire season and not seen a 1 of them.

And what exactly makes you more Informed? You got any data or statistics?

There is no reason to attack someone who ask a question in a public forum.

Feel kind of sorry for you honestly :grinning:

I got a doombringer on my druid.