D4 is Being Treated as a Mature Live-Service Game When it Desperately Needs More Content

Each of the last 3 seasons was clearly developed to be temporary, and all have for the most part been removed entirely with the exception of their boss fights. Boss fights are not the only new content D4 needs.

Competitors have spent years of adding content to their game through seasons, and as a result have very robust games that players of all types are able to enjoy for a decent amount of time every season. Diablo 4 on the other hand has little variety, helltides or NMDs or whispers. The boss ladder is connected to these mechanics and the bulk of the time in boss fights is spent walking and waiting, so it hardly counts as content.

Seasons moving forward should be developed with the aim of having them being integrated into the core game if they’re positively received. The game was released 8 months ago, not 8 years ago. It needs a much wider variety of content for players to explore and progress through and this can be accomplished organically with the seasons.


if they would leave for example
vampire helltide from season 2, people would still be bored trust me

its the endgame activities we dont have.

reaching 100 should be BEGINING of the journey not the end


Be careful about this. There must be more things to do after max lvl but don’t focus solely on max lvl end game contents since it’s not healthy for the game or even the genre.

ARPGs were and should still be about the whole journey from lvl 1. The game director of PoE2 still doesn’t want to give the option to skip campaign last time he’s asked (D4 has this option).


i can live without these 100 paragon points no problem

people are donzo with a game on level 90
i`ve been done in season 2 with ball lightning on 85+ level cause of broken build

thing is, there is nothing ellse to do, either for casuals or sweats
journey aswell might end on 60level after you equip your ancestral items

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This and itemization changes, could drastically change the feel of this “costmetic sales platform with a bloated cash shop and empty mmo level grind simulator addon”, to a real competitor in the arpg genre. However with the priority seemingly on the digital sales, it seems we’ve lost the battle for a true Diablo sequel.


sad but true

i have 2 options
buy 35 dolar cosmetic item in d4 you dont actually see ingame cause you cant zoom in anyways

or buy other game for 35 and go have fun while waiting for d4 next season that will take couple days to complete

eZ pick


That’s actually the devs’ recommendation when you are bored of the game (Joe Piepiora’s infamous line “go play something else”).

So don’t be sad since the devs even acknowledged that the end game isn’t yet fully fleshed out and they are okay if the game constantly has people leaving and coming.


Right now people are complaining that there is no end game content and everything is too easy.

Last season they had AOZ and people here was complaining that AOZ was too hard and took too long to do.

So what is it? You want hard content that takes a while to do or want limited content that is easy?

Actually people here will complain either way no matter what direction they go

D4 is a game where I could not even bring myself to finish the first season battlepass or reach level 100, an action rpg has never done something like that to me before…


All of it.

All of the content. The hard stuff and the easy stuff, and let people play the parts they want to play. And if people are saying they don’t find those things fun then give us even more activities! make so much stuff that people are too busy learning all the things they can do to come back to these forums.

But ya, people will still complain.


There needs to be more content for WT3 and WT4 in general. There’s only so many times you can repeat helltides, nightmare dungeons, uber bosses, and world bosses before it becomes stale. And you’ll be doing a lot of these from level 60 to 100.

A few more activities or activity variations would be appreciated. Like adding nightmare vaults was a nice attempt this season, even if the system didn’t work well with nightmare modifiers. The arcane tremors were fun too. But both of these go away in a few months.

Would like to see more world bosses. Maybe something to freshen up the legion events. More uber bosses or dungeons would be great too, especially to spread out the unique and uber unique dedicated drop sources.

As far as I know, this is how Diablo games work. You play the season not eternal.

Yes and Diablo 4 isn’t even a year old.
We already got new bosses that stay forever. I think the season bosses will stay forever. We will get item overhaul that will stay forever, ladder and who says the mit season events like the winter event and lunar event will not return?

And still you expext it to be developed like many year old competitors.

I’m not sure if they need more content per se, other than some redesign and rebalancing difficulty and rewards.

Between NM, helltides, World Boss, Boss Farming, Legions, whispers - there is a way to get all of this set up to be more seamless and forced than it already is.

Make it more natural as part of the progression AFTER 100.

But, I also think that if you take into account that the game is set up for you to play multiple classes, perhaps the true end game is having all 5 classes completed to an “end game” level - again they could easily tie this into the end game scenario by making alts easier to make at a certain point.

i.e. completing nm100 solo can give a token to auto level an alt to level 60.

Captain Malignant Tunnel wouldn’t appreciate this thread very much. He is working round the clock you see.

When a given season is underway, the next two seasons are already in development. So when season 1 started, season 2 and 3 were probably already scoped and being developed which in likelihood being created without the feedback of season 1 fully collected. If they were to deem something from season 1 good and should be kept without interfering with the on going season development, you’re looking at season 4 for it to be worked into a permanent place. We are currently early-mid season 3 so…

Reaching 100 takes forever. We have done almost everything before reaching level 100… NM100 done, got a lot of Duriel’s stuff, max’out pet and stones.

Dont tell me, you start NM dungeons , Duriel and Malphas at level 100. What did you do to level to 100?

This game really isn’t a Live-Service game. It’s just a marketing grift to make us believe they will “fix” the game. Each season they will trickle a little QoL buying time til they release the expansion. They needed to get the game on the market before the competitors did. With as shallow as the game is, they couldn’t afford players to see all the content their competitors will offer at launch. Don’t get me wrong, Blizzard is top notch when it comes to visuals and story. They just are no longer innovative, and simply don’t care to be.


As someone that’s played a lot of RPGs and Diablo 2 in my youth, I disagree with this. I never hit Level 99 in Diablo 2 and had a whole lot of fun.

It’s games like WoW and Diablo 3 that created this notion of max level or nothing. They should have made the level 100 cap nigh unachieveable so that players will focus on building around what they have now instead of resenting everything they have until they reach level 100.

If the journey begins at level 100, then everything before level 100 shouldn’t be there to begin with. The idea that the game starts at max level is what burns so many players out before they reach level 100 and fuels all this gamer impatience.


Future aRPGs should indeed ditch leveling altogether and move to a complete item-based power progression. Ideally like Monster Hunter but I guess something like Destiny could also work (fake leveling, since you “level” your item power).

Jonathan Rogers the game director of PoE2 also said that he wants PoE2 to be more like a real action game, and this is also an important component of future aRPGs, which puts more weight on player skill instead of stats.

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I’m a monster hunter fan so I’m on board with this. But really, diablo needs to pick a lane.

One of the problems though is that Diablo seems to be targeted at a play style that favors overwhelming DPS and damage mitigation than actual player skill. Any time players are forced to avoid damage and sacrifice DPS doing so it just gets received so poorly.

With Monster Hunter, you can have a good build but play stupid and still lose. Diablo is on the other side of that spectrum where you can have no skill and a broken build then you’d be struggling to lose.