Constant Crashes on loading screen, using portal, or using waypoint

Been dealing with 30+ crashes a day since recent patch consisting of constant crashes that results in force closing diablo in task manager only to have it instantly freeze 2 or 3 more times on startup. After I finally get back into game, I can enjoy at minimum of about 30 mins of gameplay before it repeats itself. I don’t understand why blizzard hasn’t released an expected fix date or a statement addressing the issue. Anyone else having issues after recent patch like I am?

Yes, I have been having the same issues since the last patch. It is very annoying. It takes all the fun out resetting all the time.

Same here as well. Getting very frustrating.

Same here i reset my pc, udated all drivers, and installed all updates. I have a rtx 3060 and crash constantly however my friends have older cards and have no issues.

Same here it seems.

I had the similar problem before when opening up my friendslist or inventory, but i found a fix on a forum tread for it.

it fixed that problem but then i started getting these freezes/crashes on teleports instead… sad me

Maybe try:

This crash is now happening to me, 1 out of 3 portal I crash due to a connection error. I think it started at the last update.