Can you run multiple instances of Diablo 4 on same computer?

I log into battlenet - Load D4 and go in game (allow multiple instances is enabled)

I then log into other Bnet account but where I press play to open Diablo 4, it says “PLAYING NOW” and is greyed out even though it is the OTHER license playing the game.

Any help or is that not allowed?

Might be an engine limitation. Some games only allow one instance per PC and a lot of engines are starting to implement anti-vmware detections, so you can’t try to be sneaky that way either.

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I believe they probably don’t allow this for the same reason they don’t allow “couch co-op” on PC. The way battle net is set up it just doesn’t support it, and they didn’t feel the need to go out of their way to make it possible.

This works fine, regardless of what my predecessors have produced.
All you need is launch D4 from a copied folder.
Heads up though: Your game will crash, since for reasons I have yet to figure out, the 2 instances will break each other after about 30 mins of gameplay.
Also you need at least 4gigs of Vram for each instance.

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But my laptop with 1050geforce 3gb runs perfectly with one game. Why do you need 8gb for two games?

Tbh, I have no clue-
I tested this on multiple machines, to figure out why it crashes (excluding hardware problems) and it appears that when you go below 7.6 gb of vram that you will have insane fps drops. Might be a coding problem though or my hardware. Just sharing my observations

Same situation on my pc.

The power of math. having double the clients doesn’t just double the workload, its triples and quadruples it

This is the answer.,

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Amazing! Is this accepted by Blizzard?

Yes, it is a built-in function.

You can search the D3 forums where there are plenty of discussions about this dating back many years.

I use it all the time to farm gear for other classes on D3 by having my alternate account sit at the door in GRs and then pick up the loot at the end and share it with my main account.

This is a legitimate purpose for the function.

Just to be clear: I am not talking about multi-boxing.

I did exactly what you listed above and it did not work for Diablo 4.

Have you tried it for D4?

Have you actually tried it with D4? Because I cant get it to work either.

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo IV\Diablo IV.exe -launch” - This would not save so did:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo IV\Diablo IV.exe” -launch - This saved and launched it, but I was never asked to add in email address and password so it gave me the error “There Was a Problem Logging In” after the two Diablo 4 loading screens. In short, didn’t work

Do you have 2 accounts? You can’t play the same account in multiple instances.

I think I got the quotation marks in the wrong place. I will go back and edit it.

Yes, 2 accounts lol

I assume you have never tried it, right? You did it in D3 and just assumed it would work the same process for 4, right?

No. I have done this for years in D3, and was able to open multiple instances of D4, but since I do not have multiple D4 accounts, I was not able to fully test it.

I have seen other people playing multiple instances of D4 at the same time using multiboxing broadcast software, so I know that it can be done.

I am not sure why you were having an issue though.

That is a totally different thing… they are using a piece of software that isolates each Bnet… that is WAY different than opening 2 Diablo 4 instances.

It does not work that way you showed above. Only way to run multiple instances is to buy a 3rd party software “hack”, and it can get you banned.

See here: Not letting me run multiple instances of D4 on same PC

Try this?

If it turns out that the method used for D3 does not work for D4, I can just delete my post about it. I have no interest in writing a tutorial if it is any more involved than just making a shortcut.

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hehe yeah… doesn’t work. I wish it did :frowning:

I was all excited.

Did you try the method in the video above?