Can you run multiple instances of Diablo 4 on same computer?

Oh, no I didnt.

I’m in bed with wife dozing off… so once she closes those eyes I’m hopping back on my PC.

Will update you after I get a chance :slight_smile:


This works. Important to have two D4 folders to run each instance from. Thanks

The -launch command won’t work in D4. It will open the game, but the game will not connect. It has to be done from the battlenet launcher now.

Due to it working in D3/WoW/OW2, I remember trying it when they were having DDoS attack problems because it was spitting some error about not being able to find the license or something and the game would just close out fully. Was testing to see if it would let me -launch it so that maybe it would just leave me at the menu screen where I’d have to reinput my email/password. It was getting really tiring having to reopen the game over and over again.

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Tried it, no dice :frowning:

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ofc this works as all Blizzard games work that way. Even D2R worked that way and it’s the same system and method. I was able to run 5 copies at the same time. xD

  1. You must create a second Windows user for the copy client method.
  2. Run the launcher on both users
  3. go into settings/game settings and change the Install Location,
  4. before you press “done” and accept the change you will start the game on user one
  5. while it’s starting you press “Done”. The launcher will update and change the location 6. Start the second user’s game with the changed game install location (copy).
  6. profit ;D

If you wanna make it work rly smoothly without having to switch users u need to use something called Remote Desktop which is built into Windows.
Additionally, you will need to set up RDPWrap to help you with managing the whole thing which is a bit complicated but there is a YT guide to help you with.
Just search for: “How to set up and update RDPWrap”.

oh almost missed mentioning it … OFC you need multiple accounts, you can’t log in twice with the same account. Every user needs a separate account with a copy of d4 connected to it. But apart from that, there is no limitation besides your hardware ;D

GL :slight_smile:

oooor, you can log into one account of D4, then log out of launcher, then log into 2nd account on launcher, and launch D4 again.
then there is "allow multiple instances of battlenet " in settings, which you could open 2 launchers , log into 2 different accounts.

Thats what I did in D2R:

  • copy the D2R folder to a new location, that’ll be game2
  • remove the mark from “Keep me logged in”
  • Start game (account)1
  • start a session manager program (downloadable for free), search for D4 and end/delete the Check other bnet instance row
  • start the game(account)2
  • if the game is windowed, just pull from the laptop to the external monitor one of the game, or swap with Alt+Tab.

if you select “open multiple launch” option, you can open multiple D4 instances. BUT, dont matter even if you are running your games on 64 cores and 4070TI, your computer will crash after short while because D4 is not made to run multi copies on same machine.