Blizzard how do you plan on removing all the duped gold in the economy?

The season is ruined. Can’t buy anything on the trade discord because everyone has unlimited gold and is bidding billions of gold per item.

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Nobody cares about gold.


lol they will implement a gold sink like they always do.

Are you suggesting they adjust the gold so you can break the eula?

There is NO economy lol. What are you on about.


What game are you playing? Do you even know how to trade?

If nobody cares about gold why do they care about botters and gold sellers?


Awesome to hear!

I have so much Ancestral rare gear with high item power and great rolls to sell. All lvl 60 requirements to boot.

I’m gonna be rich!

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what economy rofl

sure the game technically has trading but there’s zero support for it


You must have missed the 1k threads per day complaining about respec costs, the threads complaining about rerolling item stats, or the trading discord where you can get literally get any rare item you want for the right cost.

Gold is extremely valuable in D4.

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Prove it. I see nothing even close to such bids.

And if it was true, I guess enchanting costs and respec costs will be getting much less whining now?

explain please.

do you mean gold that has been gotten by the ashes trick to sell and buy stuff to vendors that only nets a few million an hour?

if so, that is not “duped”.

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Well easy answer. I don’t.

I didn’t say you did. You were speaking on behalf of everyone else, not just yourself.

Why would you be spending any time on some creepy trade discord? There is nothing on there you need to play the game, or clear the content. Like, wtf are you doing?

Like the absolute that the season is ruined because of Gold? Yeah it is, but different reasons.

Saw a screenshot of someone bidding 1billion gold on a ring last night. He had 300 billion gold.

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Link to screenshot of proof of this 300 billion gold? Or did he just say so?

Creepy? You mean the Official Discord server where Blizzard reps are on?
Don’t be goofy because you don’t like interacting with players in a video game.

Trading is a big part in ARPGs. Solo Self Found is a fun game mode, but the backbone of healthy ARPG is a stimulated player driven economy.

It’s not creepy. It’s an official blizzard trade discord and it is currently the easiest way to buy and sell items in the game.