Authorizing game modifying software in Diablo IV

You mean implementing basic stuff that everyone wanted and that was almost obligatory to play their game only after 19 years?

What about creating APIs that will allow developers to create QOL software “legally” similar to what you have in like WoW and … quite a faire amount of other games ?

You know you’ll deliver those QOL in like 4 years, while independent devs can deliver software in a few weeks.

Let - Us - Enjoy - This - Game

Btw I didn’t even know about TurboHD4, I google it following the blue post, now I want what it provides and don’t understand how it is not available in a pricey AAA game :slight_smile:

Hopefully never.
If Blizzard can learn something from it, in terms of UI features, fair enough. But anyone who use third party software to alter an online game should be permabanned.

If there was an offline mode, and there very much should be, then modders could, and hopefully would, go all in on creating great stuff.

I am a big fan of WoW addons, but Blizzard have also struggled a lot over the years with ensuring those didnt become cheating. And they didnt exactly win that fight. Now raids etc. are designed based on the existence of mods that give players too much information.
Hard to imagine Blizzard will ever have that kind of addon support in a game again.

If they could build an API that genuinely only could be used for UI changes, that would be great though. Doesnt seem realistic though. People are too innovative.

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Creating that sandbox and API system is a major undertaking in itself. The question came up during early D3 and the answer from Blizzard at the time was “never again”.

I don’t know all the details about WHY they said that, but I think it was just that it is a massive amount of work and requires ongoing engagement with the system.

It is frustrating. WoW addons only change the User Interface and only in ways Blizzard allows through the API data. The game reads the LUA files and displays the info where the LUA indicates. I love it. I have used certain addons since they came out basically.

Over time Blizzard has added the features of some addons to the game, which is great. But it can take YEARS for that to happen.

I wish they would create a sandbox and API system for D4, but I really really don’t think they ever will.


Actually they implemented mods into the game going back to WotLK as far back as WoWAce with decursive, dbm even elements of titanmod since 2017 (iirc) Blizzard owns all rights to mods that work with WOW since its their .LUA they make them in.

Case in point.


I believe the reason is that they don’t like what happened in WoW, where they had to design the game around people having add-ons (raids are clearly designed this way, and not the only thing that is), which they don’t like because it makes it harder for them to design and leaves them in the odd situation of designing a game in ways that require 3rd party mods to play properly. In WoW it was/is way too late to change that at this point, because the die is cast there, but I think they are really adamant about not recreating the issue in new games.

Now that isn’t an argument against QOL as such, but I think they just don’t want to open the door with an API, because players have proven to be far too innovative and good at developing things that really change the way the game plays simply by reimagining how data is provided to the player … they don’t want to go down that path again, I am pretty sure.

I didn’t know turbohud existed until that post. I haven’t played diablo since I beat uber lilith weeks ago. I tried playing some season 1 on HC but stopped after a day.

I saw this hud and only from the post saying it’ll get you banned. Those QoL improvements in the hud is what would bring me back. How is it that blizzard can’t bring QoL but some third party does and then you ban it.



I think the reason might be even simpler, that lua isn’t used in Diablo?

A mod maker used the API to check for any other mod using the API if it found a competing mod to GSHADE it kicked you out of the game and closed WOW thats why they implemented a stricter API and limited the LUA interaction with the API and lead to them along with the DOTA snafu to change the LUA agreement giving them full ownership over mods/maps for their games.

I would settle for a WoW Edit Mode that allows full positional customization and mixing/matching of console and PC UI elements. That and the ability to make the entire UI clickthrough. That last one should have been the default IMO. D3 users have been asking for it for, well, forever. To not learn that lesson and incorporate that functionality into D4 is pretty atrocious.


I think its the opposite now.

-A notice regarding unauthorized game modifying software in Diablo IV

Now, that could be nice, if they would allow us some personalization of the UI. I would like that. But not going to hold my breath.

That’s the whole point of authorizing an app to not get banned by Blizzard.


In D4 you can’t even trade most of the items and most interactions with other players is just seeing them running around. Cheating in Diablo 4 is much less an issue than it is in WoW, Diablo 1 or Diablo 2. It’s not like we have or going to have Real Money Auction House in D4.

I know it is the opposite now. That’s why I’d like to know when it is going to be authorized.

blizzard is just disgusted that a guy manages to improve their game drastically when they can’t add bags xD
or search in the bags
or aspect sort
or map filter
etc etc etc…

and in addition they manage to make money with it! no no no blizzard doesn’t like that.

the fact that it benefits some players is not the real problem.

You should know the answer already, it won’t be.

Well I like to pretend that I don’t know the answer just to show Blizzard that there is need for such thing and they are the ones who is responsible to do that. If they would care more about community and making the game better then the post of @PezRadar would look different. Maybe it’s a bit silly thinking but who cares.

Adam “aka Lots of talk no action” Fletcher should make sure we don’t have to use such UI mods and fix their game first perhaps?

Can you use DS4Windows to connect PS5 controller wirelessly ? It is the only way to use PS5 controller wirelessly

Ahh so just don’t expect anything decent, got it.

The people using these aren’t cheating they are literally trying to make a dumpster fire slightly more enjoyable or playable.

Blizzard is just mad they couldn’t program in auto toggle correctly.

We all hope for QOL improvments,but why does it always have to take people from outside Blizzard to get things like this done? WOW has had numerous add ons over the years that make the experience better. They only recently made a customizable UI as pretty much everyone was using an add on to change the layout to something that made better sense. If you plan on raiding ,add ons are a must due to the numerous mechanics the game has

Right now D4 could really use either a map overlay, or a way to zoom out the minimap and enlarge it. This should be standard in any open world game. There should also be better customization options for the UI other than middle of screen or far left of screen. A DPS meter would be nice too so that I know how hard Im hitting a long with a LFG option so that its easier for players to form parties. Having to whisper or randomly send invites to strangers is SO early 2000s.