Any way to remove the thick grey haze?

Diablo 3 had it, and diablo4 looks to have it even worse.
There’s a thick grey fog / vignette that covers way too much of the screen.

I think the devs decided to use it to cover the shine instead of apply matte to every texture/mob skin to shave resource consumption, but I’d rather have shine than fog.
It was ugly in d3, but then d2R had zero fog and looks beautiful. Why is this back?
Can there be an option to turn it off?
Theres a significant aperture in the middle around the character, but it’s not clear enough, even then. Everything looks “fuzzy” because of it.

I tried so hard to find an option to eliminate it in d3, even installing custom shader packs, but nothing fully got rid of it.

Will this be a checkbox option in d4 or no?



Thank you- no one else I’ve talked about this with has ever noticed or understood what the hell I was talking about. I will bump your post on the subject


I agree, I think this game looks terrible. I really did try and give it a chance and dude up to 25, complete/find as much as possible. Way to many issues here (in addition to the haze)


Update: Happens without hdr even enabled.
I can barely see the smoke coming from the fire.

Can we at least get a contrast slider to try and fix it ourselves?


It’s called atmosphere. You should watch DF’s new video on RE4 Gamecube vs PC vs PS2 and see what lack of fog does to overall look of game. Of course PC version looked bad compared to even PS2 version even when fog decided to show up

it’s NOT fog.
It’s the equivalent of a snapchat filter. Here, I just made a dang video about it.
Some characters look like they straight up got antiqued by Johnny Knoxville.


Ok, watched your video. As there is a overlying HDR issue, yes…there is also this nuclear fallout dust over everything, as you pointed out.

Now, a couple things in your video. Do you have your highlights turn on? (Options>Gameplay>Highlights ) Cause your character looks like it has a purple highlight. Idk. Turn your highlights all to black and see what that does for your NPCs.

Not saying there isnt a haze, but those character highlights don’t help. But there definitely needs to be more options to adjust fog/haze.

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It’s the very first thing about Diablo 3 that I hated. That damn haze crap. It’s there to smear the lack of detail and to add atmosphere, but I really wish there was a way to turn it off.

I’m not happy with seeing the presence of it again in D4. Hope to see an option to OFF it in both D3/D4. Appreciate your video on the subject.


Hey, thanks. I remember trying so many different things to get around it in d3- even applying third party video filters. It’s such an ugly mess to look at- I ended up totally abandoning my PC d3 account to completely restart it on console. a couple thousand hours worth of play.


It’s called atmosphere. You probably know it as air. It’s always around you wherever you go. Since we’re clearly in area with a lot of sand and snow particles in air are most likely sand (dust) and snow.

Btw, not all fires produce black smoke. It ranges from light gray to dark gray to black depending on fuel (wood vs plastic for example).

No, it’s an overactive vignette. It’s video gain over a texture filter. It’s not a stylistic choice, it’s a shortcut


The hazy fog screen in the game is awful in Diablo IV, and there is nothing in settings that can fix it! This issue really hinders clear visibility in the game overall. Why the hell did Blizzard allow this in the game if it is clearly such an issue, and it makes the game look hazy and unclear!? It’s terrible to have this hindering unclear screen in the game! So damn frustrating and for a game that costs between $69 and over $100!! What the HELL Blizzard!!

Please fix this hazy hindering fog in the game, in Diablo IV, aside from the many issues and problems this broken, buggy beta game already has, Blizzard!! Get it together already! This is just awful! - JJ -

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I recall during one of their developer blogs they talked about this. It is indeed there to create a more realistic atmosphere.

I do agree an option to turn it off should be included, since not everyone will like it. I also think an option to disable HDR in-game should also be provided.