Another wrongfully banned post

I don’t care enough too. But looking that up you are correct indeed it does scan your files ill have to delete now and all Blizzard games.

Thank you for the info.

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But apparently, your frontal cortex where logic is executed is malfunctioning for you.

Amazon can’t help you with that, unfortunately, despite the sale.

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Try harder w/ the comebacks Miss. No Logic.

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EXACTLY. Now some many argue that the licence agreement legally allows them to do so (since you can’t play the game wihtout agreeing to it). I would argue that governments need to legislatively mandate and protect consumer rights and stop software developers from being able to remove your legal rights via licence agreements. And any software developer being found guilty of breaching this faces a VERY hefty fine (I’m talking billions of dollars here for large corporations like Blizzard, and jail time for the board of directors and CEO). That’ll put an end to this crap pronto.

Correct and it always has. However, my understanding is that it functions like antivirus software. It is looking for specific software definitions that match known cheating software, as well as checking the game files for tampering. I am sure there is a bit more to it, but it stays in its lane on the anti cheat side.

As far as I know it does not report anything back to Blizzard unless it matches a known cheat definition within the program. Part of why they end up with false positives. It comes back as a positive flag for a definition that accidentally picked up say…a crypto miner as a cheating program. All Blizz knows is that it was a positive flag for X cheating program. Not what was actually ON your PC. Blizz can’t see the whole picture of everything you have. Just what Warden is programmed to look for.

I could have hampster dance going at all times and they would not know!

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I reinstalled to check if I was banned, and I wasn’t, so I uninstalled again to make sure I don’t get banned for playing.


are you so sure of that MC? Remember the Sony DRM rootkit from the early 00s…I am old enough to remember that (and also remember how the US judicial system was so corrupt as to effectively NOT punish Sony for their crimes, crimes of which, if done by an individual are US federal crimes with up to 20 years in a federal jail…)…One has to wonder.

Personally, governments need to outlaw such software as warden as being intrusive on the owner of the software. No ifs, buts or maybes. Imagine if a car manufacturer warrantd that you must be tracked 24/7 when driving the car that they manufactured…it’d never pass and the legal lawsuits would be massive if any car manufacturer tried such a thing.

Same here. Maybe in a couple years they will figure out how to treat their customers properly.

Literally no one got their account reinstated. People get banned because they are doing something they shouldn’t be. If there was some probable accident that caused a ban wave (as Blizzard has had in the past in other games) They come out within a few days with an apology and explain that those effected by the issue have been reinstated. This has not happened.

Not surprising with all the potential exploits: duping, gambling, xp, seasonal/eternal swapping, RMT, use of 3rd party apps that read memory, use of 3rd party programs like autohotkey to macro actions, cheatengine, highlighting of loot with specific stats, the list goes on and on.

Then the same thing always happens, people come on the forums and cry they got caught in the cookie jar and “they couldn’t possibly know why they would be banned”.


Players were getting banned because Blizz’s software was mistakenly flagging their Chia crypto-currency programs as modifying the game. Blizzard discovered their mistake and unbanned those players accounts. Are some other players being banned - sure, but that’s not what this thread was about.

Do try to keep up with the rest of the class, won’t you?

Yeah, where is an official post stating this? Anywhere? Searching finds nadda. I’ll wait here for evidence this is true other then hearsay. :popcorn:

And no, showing a post from a user who “claims they were unbanned because of Chia”, is not evidence. Show me a blue post, blog, tweet, anything from blizzard stating the such.

I’m sure even more people will be banned with the trading/gold dupe exploit coming to light. So probably more <10 post people will be on here complaining about how they, “No Idea Why I was Banned while Duping”… :rofl:

Mr. Pot, I’d like you to meet Mr. Kettle.

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Shocker, you can’t show any proof of this being true. NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED. :yawning_face:

Blizzard usually doesn’t announce their stupidity online when it comes to bans.

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Different issue, Einstein. Give it up, you are clueless. :roll_eyes:

Bad trolls are bad trolls. He could at least try to be entertaining.

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I’ve been curious about Vortex. It’s a tool Nexus uses to make mod usage simpler and more effective, no more hunting for file branches to manually copy files. Plus you can turn mods on and off based on what you’re feeling that day. I get them not wanting you to use mods while you play but I’m sure some people might forget to close it out before loading D4 up.