An in depth look at why Druid is underwhelming and how we can fix it

I’d like to preface this discussion with an aknowledement that, yes… This is a beta… and Yes… It is level 25… and yes we don’t have access to the class specialization. I understand that this is in no way indicative of Endgame balance.

That being said, I think we can still analyze the current state of the Druid and its design in comparison to other classes (Mostly rogue and sorc) and try to help the devs understand why the class is getting so much flack for its playstyle. I hope to start a discussion about what we think can be done to help improve the FEEL of the class’ base kit.

  1. Inappropriate tuning for the playstyle
    • As it stands, the class is extremely slow in almost all of its animations with the exception of a select few werewolf skills. Both Sorc and Rogue feel tight, and when I press an ability, the projectile or my character are hitting enemies almost instantly. The downtime between casts on these 2 classes in nearly non-existent in comparison to the druid. To help illustrate this we’ll look at core spells.
  • Lets look at a good “problem ability” to help depict the issue the class faces. It’s not infequent that (without legendary) Tornado does 0 damage to your target because of pathing. It also doesn’t help that the ability has a 40 spirit cost meaning you can only cast it twice before having to then cast another 3-5 basic abilities to then recast another two tornadoes. Adding ontop of this that the ability only does 49% damage at rank 5 when it does hit means that our overall DPS using this ability is relatively low in comparison to our other classes’ core abilities. This also isn’t factoring in projectile speed, taking roughly 1-2 seconds to potentially even reach its target from cast.
  • Lets compare that with a commonly picked sorc core ability, chain lightning. When you cast chain lightning, it INSTANTLY flys from your character to your target, and then instantly bounces from one target to another with no potential to miss and the ability to rehit the same target multiple times. The ability, at rank 5, deals 59% damage per bounce up to 6 bounces and costs 35 mana (An auto generating resource). The downtime between casts is filled with other more meaningful spells that don’t have to be basic generating spells.
  • What can we do to make tornado feel better to press, in the same way that it feels good to press chain lightning? Well, first, we need guarenteed instant damage. If I have to invest nearly half of my spirit (a resouce I have to manually generate) it doesn’t feel good when it does no damage or takes a large amount of time to deal damage. A simple solution to this is to have tornado spawn where my mouse/enemy currently is. This simple change makes the ability FEEL much better to press. (There may be a legendary for this,I’m not sure, however, legendaries shouldn’t exist to make skills usable. They should be usable and feel good at a baseline and be improved fom there.) However, at a 40 spirit cost, it’s not enough to just have the damage guarenteed and instant. It needs to either be meaty or have a reduced cost. It feels terrible to have to cast 3-5 basic spells at a snails crawl pace to be able to cast only 2 tornadoes. In the time it takes me to cast 8 tornadoes, a sorc can cast roughly 12-14 chain lightnings at a higher dmg return per cast, all while being able to cast other spells that aren’t locked to basic abilities. That brings me to my next point.
  1. Basic abilities and spirit generation
    -As a class that has to generate spirit with basic abilities and then dump all of that spirit in roughly 1 or 2 seconds, it HAS to be quick to regenerate and satisfying.
    -As it stands, i’d say that 75% of the time in combat is spent spamming generators, feet planted, doing next to 0 damage. THIS FEELS BAD
    -Classes such as rogue and sorc use basic abilities in their downtime between energy/mana dumps and cooldowns for non-resource abilities. They rarely are casting a basic ability more than 2 times in a row (Rogue combo point exception). THIS FEELS GOOD.
  • How can we fix this? Well, luckily I think there are a couple solutions here and they are simple numbers games. Either we make basic abilities FEEL GOOD by increasing their cast speed, damage, projectile speed, and target limit. Or we can simply have them generate far more resource. (Preferrably both here).
    -As it stands the “Heart of the wild” and “Abundance” passives that help with spirit are 100% mandatory with how much core spells cost and STILL the class is plagued with resource management issues.
    -More time spent spamming basic abilities is less time dealing meaningful damage and leads to boring gameplay that feels sluggish and unimpactful. I hope this is an issue they resolve innately in the class and not try to fix with legendaries.
  1. DoTs and Companions
  • Wow are these underwhelming. Even with a legendary that turns wolfs into werewolfs and increases their damage by a whopping 160%, they are hitting for roughly 40-60 damage at level 25 with roughly 550 attack power. As soon as you’re able to access the hydra as a sorc at level 12 you’re already doing more damage than that at a much higher rate without an empowering legendary…AT LEVEL 12.
  • It’s not even close to compare the summons between Sorc and Druid, the numbers are simply aggregious. Starting at 8% damage for wolfs compared to the hydra’s 30% per fireball at rank 1. It really seems like there are different dev teams playing a different game designing the numbers for these classes. Not to mention that the hydras just FEEL GOOD with the projectile speed and how responsive they are to summon. Compare that to the ai of the wolfs that chase enemies just to stand still and miss an auto attack on an enemy every 2 seconds… It’s really not even in the same ball park.
    -DoTs… The poison builds simply need to be buffed. If my damage in an ARPG is being dealt over an 8 second period of time, I’d like for it to do something meaningful in the 1-2 seconds the mob is supposed to live for. DoTs are always supposed to be high damage over a long period of time. For some reason the poisons are currently tuned to do less damage over 8 seconds than most other class’ instant abilities. This is fundamentally wrong on so many levels, however has an easy fix. BUFF numbers or make total DoT time less. (Or both, what mob lives for over 8 seconds in an ARPG?)
  1. Abilities don’t feel synergistic
  • For a caster druid, a majority of the spells they use are supposed to be ranged and also knock targets away. For example, Cylcone Armor, Boulder, and cataclysm. This is fine, however, it’s expcted that you also take spells such as hurricane that require you to be near your target to deal damage. Overall, it just feels like they didn’t develop the base kit with it playing in a way that feels natural for how you would expect it to play. It feels like they just had ideas for abilities and threw them into the kit without thinking about how it feels to play using those specific abilities together.

-Thankfully, the class has a lot of simple changes that it needs in terms of just flat numbers to make the damage actually impactful, however, I’m hesitant about how Blizzard will go about this and I’d like to take this opportunity to really clarify the issue.

  • If the class plays slow, IT BETTER HIT HARD… If I have to spend 3-5 seconds to build up resource to spend on 1 or 2 abilities, those abilities better FEEL GOOD. OR we can simply make basic abilities FEEL GOOD/impactful to use by picking up the pace/damage/target cap so that we don’t spend majority of combat spamming them feeling horrible.

Please, Blizzard. Take this constructive criticism and make this beloved class FEEL GOOD to play. It doesn’t have to be “overtuned”… It just has to be viable and play in a way that makes players enjoy their time playing it.

Let me know what y’all think can be done to help the class FEEL GOOD. Much love!


I’m not gonna comment on all of this, but I will on this one and it kinda sums up what I might say on the others:

Druid has multiple non-basic attack methods of getting Spirit and some of those will fill your Spirit completely.

Druid really suffers in perception because the Beta doesn’t provide it’s class mechanic, it’s capstone passive, or many Legendary Aspects.

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While I don’t deny that this undoubtedly could be the case, and perhaps will likely be solved by late game via paragon board and gear. It still makes the class terribly aweful to play during that time and pushes the problem solving onto gear and talent points spent on things that should be enhancing an already complete and smooth class. Other classes don’t have to spend half their talents on this, nor do they have to gear their characters for it just to make them function as intended. I hope they can just address it at a baseline, otherwise it’s just mandatory gear/talents like how it currently is with Heart of the Wild and Abundance… That’s already 6 Talent points that I could of spent on damage gone to try and make the class function somewhat properly. This is bad. Just make it function that way baseline.


Druid has multiple non-basic attack methods of getting Spirit and some of those will fill your Spirit completely.

We’d probably have to talk specifics here because in general i’d have to agree the builder spenders seems to be pretty poor and shouldn’t lean on skills or talents just to feel adequate. Shouldn’t need to sacrifice to make it fun either, talents should provide fun options not mandatory selections that amount to something boring like resource gen.

Druid really suffers in perception because the Beta doesn’t provide it’s class mechanic, it’s capstone passive, or many Legendary Aspects.

Not a fan of this argument as this is true for MOST classes. I’d even argue that you could play without the class mechanic for the other classes that feel fun and fluid to play and still not have the same issues.

Druid should need NOTHING beyond what we have in beta to be much closer to the other classes. It’s just bad design if its blizzards intention to make a class horrible for 1/4 or 1/2 of the leveling experience.


Couldn’t have said it better Robotj… Make the class function properly at a baseline, let talents and gear add flavor and fun to the class. Not fix a fundamental problem that should have never existed in the first place.


Range class Regenerate resources as passive, and melee needs to keep auto atacking.
Should it not be other way arround? Since range can auto from safe distance?


We can see what those pasives are, They are not game changing as u think same goes for paragon points… they are copypasta from d3… just in form of an tree

Occasionally filling your spirit faster or fully isn’t going to help the class feel much better when spending that spirit doesn’t feel good in the first place. Druid caster core abilities (spenders) are severely lacking.

Yes, Druid wil get better at higher levels. But so will all the other classes that already feel so much better.

OP is spot on, this was an excellent feedback post.


100% agree, I understand this does not represent endgame at all, but I’m worried about the end game druid, seeing how it performs here compared to the other classes.

I have lvl 25 sorc and lvl 25 necro and both are powerful classes. I unlocked the lvl 25/30+ fortress with my lvl 19 necro with skels and just spamming corpse explosion, but with the druid it cost me literally three tries something as easy as to defeat the 4 sucubi boss in the town where you get ambushed in the church. Literally just ran around for 5-10 minutes, while the wolves achieve it.

It’s just as you said.

I was aiming towards a caster/pet druid but feels really under powered compared to my sorc and necro.

totally agree with this
people may say this is not end game, you are too low level to try, you are not get the legendary item,
but how to level up until 12++, or get legendary if i already emotianly drain at lv 5, the core foundation arent stonk enought to carry me to lv 7++ or killing mob fast enough to get legendary

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Druid v Necro - YouTube

A comparison.


dont use a 2 handed weapon. bam, problem solved… LOL…

Great summary.

I’d also note that the forced obese body and ugly look in general doesn’t add well to the favor of the class ^^


You know what FEELS GOOD? Hitting 24, and getting Lacerate, then popping it on a pack, and watching 150, 140, 110, 125, 150, 143, 155, 151, 128, 150 pop up all over the place, then have to still kill off the pack, and having to wait 50 seconds to do it again. Or Doing it on a dungeon boss, like Den Mother, and watching basically nothing happen to her.

There was a mini boss/unique/elite/ that happened do pop their ice wall at the exact same time as me popping Lacerate, and watching 15, 14, 13, 15, 11, 15, 12, 15, 13, 15 pop all over the place was a FEELS INCREDIBLE moment for me, just have to wait another 50 seconds to try again, but that’s okay, because the fight lasted long enough for a couple more.

Meanwhile, Chain Lightning, with my level 21 sorcerer can just spam the spell doing around 105-130 non-crit damage for each of the 6 hits in a pack, and let’s not talk about the single-target bouncing increase skill, because it’s depressing.

With legendaries, I would like to see a legendary or something that makes Blood Howl burst the Poisoned/Rabies DoTs, dealing the remaining respective DoT time instantly, that could be nice.


So this is very close to what i was going to type out. As someone who has played diablo since d1 and a bear druid has always been my fav to play. Bear and windy. It just feels bad. I hope to see some changes or at least give me something to read about how our spirit boons are going to help with this. Wolf actually felt ok to me even if the dmg was a bit low it was fluid, Bear was not good. Looks AMAZING but hits like a wet noodle, I found myself waiting between packs to get my 10 stacks so I could do a good chunk of damage with an overpowered pulverize. No one goes on a bear druid and expects to be the best man on the field, but we just the water boy.

I have seen one for bear that does that, Cast with wolf then use a bear abil to burst it.


The Druid class mechanic would not help at all. If you look at them they are nothing but simple stay buffs. Things like 10% max life and 5% Crit chance. They would change nothing.

I agree with most of what you said. They need to lower the cost of spirit spenders or increase their damage or allow druids to regain spirit faster. It’s such a fun class but held back by resource cost.

Also yes, please fix tornado as well as buffing all pet types since they don’t seem to be that strong for a skill slot.


They need damage buffs all around, and make their tornado tracking ability baseline to a few targets at least.

I fully agree. Was a big enjoyer of D2 shapeshifting druid but sadly, you are too dependant on spamming a lot of generators constantly to then burst with your spender on top of lacking enough sustain to stay in melee with bosses and elites unless you have extremely specific legendaries and you maximise them (like “heal on shapeshift”). Also, a lot of abilities simply do laughable damage (companions, lacerate, all generators to name only a few) or are extremely unreliable (big AOE nature magic abilities mainly).

Regarding companions, crow damage is a joke. Vine damage is bad but also it’s “immobile” AoE ability that only lasts 2 second (or 3 sec if you spend another point to upgrade it kek) for a 20sec cooldown… that’s terrible. I constantly apply poison (which buffs my wolves damage by 20%) plus I have the legendary effect that transforms my wolves into werewolves and boosts their damage by 90% (and allows them to apply rabbies supposedly but didn’t really notice any worthwhile damage from it) and they still do pittiful damage. Their active ability, while a bit better damage-wise, doesn’t deal great damage AND it’s also extremely unreliable. The enemy simply has to move around a bit and they will whiff their leap attack and do zero damage.

So yeah, druid needs several major buffs and QoL fixes.