Alt+Tab crashes game (FIXED)

Alt tabbing consistently crashes game.

1080ti @ 1440p

Delete the Diablo 4 Folder in your Documents Folder. Start again.


same here 3060 @ 1080p

Yep, same here. I get a ‘Fenris’ dialog box that comes up saying the application encountered an unexpected error. Then it gives me this report number:



Same here, but only when the settings are on full screen. When i have windowed full screen all is ok

idk im trying the delete the diablo 4 folder and put into window fullscreen and put my graphics back t max with at i913900k and a 3070ti

Anyone still having this issue? Very annoying and happens almost any time I tab out or the game goes idle.

Error code:

Same issue here, my computer is unusable whenever I alt-tab even though background FPS is set low and my config should handle it (3900x/3070/32gb), sometimes ends up crashing the game or the whole computer too.

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