All characters look ugly

I want to refund the game mainly because all characters look ugly, even the sorcerer looks bad. I really can’t enjoy the game while playing a dumb looking character. This is the first game I couldn’t create a character to play. I can’t believe it.

Edit: I already refunded the game before launch, because I only play console game, and the controller setup in this game doesn’t allow aiming for different skills compared to PC, this totally breaks the game. They can fix it by adding a controller settings similar to Diablo Immortal, but I don’t think they would.


a lot of the game looks ugly to be honest… some of the envirenments and monsters look pretty good but a lot look untextured , bland, etc


It’s Diablo. They’re supposed to be ugly.

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They look really bad, maybe they got smeone on Fivver to do them. They don’t match the great looking landscapes at all. Bloated cartoons from the simpsons. redo them all.

Also the UI guy, fire him right away, holy smokes what have Blizzard been doing the past 10 years, this is dog shiat.


But I can create a character in Diablo Immortal, they at least look decent

This is the new woke Blizzard. Characters have to be ugly, manly, generic, fat, and “inclusive.” The only game developers making attractive characters any more are Eastern companies.


The exterior details of the characters, equipment, and mounts are well designed. Although the appearance of the characters can be fine-tuned, they are more ugly and lack visual beauty and cuteness. It is recommended to add the aesthetics of Taiwan/Japan/Korea!

Lilith is the prettiest of horror images!

Why not design the same in the modeling of the player character?
In addition to the ugly faces of most people, even women’s figures are flat. Ugliness and horror are two different things!

This makes many players who have never been in contact with the D series unable to understand why they are so ugly? There is no cute appearance, so they have no interest!


Good thing theres FULL helms like the necro Helm with a skull face hiding the faces. Hopefully we can all transmog that over to our other characters :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The sorcerer looks are really unacceptable, look at all those presets! Covering it up with armor is lying to myself. If there is no update about it, I will refund the game because I couldn’t even create a character, I never seen a game make such ugly characters


Eh, I thought the necro I made looks kinda like a hot emo though.

But honestly yeah, more character customization options would always be better.

Oh noeesss! What will you ever do if you can’t simp over a cyberwaifu that takes up 5% of the screen space and that 99% of the time, you only see from above??? The sky is falling!

Seriously, go touch grass… It’s spring time and you might catch a rare sighting of another human being!


I think Neco has the best look among all classes

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that’s definitely what I identify with the diablo series- smokin’ hot babes

I think the sorceress is very attractive.

However, yes, I do wish that we had more options for beautiful and handsome faces…

I am not a fan of the “ugly” hero archetype.

Idk you can’t see this stuff when you’re playing why would I care??? plus my necro is hot she’s a baddie

I am not asking for a super attractive look, just decent looking is fine. Even I look better than all of the sorcerers in real life. This is my first time having issue with game characters


Right back at you if you can’t see it why do you care if they change it for those of us who enjoy spending a few hours in character creators?


Oh wow you sure got me.

I don’t agree with the OP about all characters being ugly but I disagree with your take here as well. Amazon in d2 was beautiful (d2r made her look she had a 60 year old man’s face though). Female Wiz in d3 was also very pretty. Just two examples.


You can when you open up the equipment menu to change gear.

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