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Need to talk about WASD for sure. Not every player is a youngen. many of us have been here since Diablo 1 and the clicker just ain’t what it used to be. WASD makes things so much nicer on the hands and wrist. Immoral Immortal was a cash grab worthy of Activision’s deepest shame but the WASD in it made the game playable. At this point WASD is just an accessibility option. And it should be, an option. Please don’t make us use 3rd party programs to make WASD work. Xpadder and similar programs can do stuff but it’s hard to find a genuine program and installing stuff like that isn’t always safe. Many AARPGs are using wasd and there is no excuse to disallow it in 2023.


not every game has to be made towards boomers as well. Same logic.


What is it with you kids calling anyone with a little age a “boomer”? We may be older by a bit, but certainly weren’t born after troops came home from a world war.


The wolf pack mother in Margrave is too op. I’m lvl 12, she’s lvl 12 and she kills me after 3 hits with me chugging potions.


I haven’t been able to play long enough but…what does the controller support look like for PC? Do you have some default setups for Xbox / Playstation controllers?

git gud scrub.

screw the character minimum on posts.

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I can plug and play with Xbox controller.

Really nice feature that lets you go sweaty mode with KB M and just casual levelling/farming on twiddlesticks.


That’s nice, yeah sometimes it’s nice to just play on controller and just lean back and chill play. Good to hear you could plug and play with xbox controller (thats what I use too)

Was hoping WoW would have the same by default but you need to third party for it.

So I have been playing on and off since oh 12pm yesterday and I will say so far I am still in shock awe and just WOW about how the game is going but I will admit the only thing I am grr’ing about and I know I can change them and still trying to figure out how to do it better, is how they have some of the hotkeys for keyboard/mouse (my preferred way to play) the keys I referring too is"1/tab/q" sometimes its annoying when your trying to save your potions till you really need them with a uber baddy and use your “1” special skill or trying to use that key and access the map or drink a potion instead and you don’t realize you did it till your out of potions and running away screaming “oh $hit oh $hit…I am gonna die…and I am dead” believe me it happened a couple times with me when I was fighting the den mother. Anyways, that’s my thoughts so far.


Hello, the game runs smoothly at 165FPS on my 8GB VRAM graphics, but I would appreciate in the future if the game could also set high details with 8GB VRAM. The game says that this is enough, but it only offers me medium details in the settings. With DLSS, the game would be smooth even on high details with 8GB VRAM

I been a gamer for a very long time. As a PC gamer I never used WASD … just something about moving around with buttons that are not aligned with each other.

I use the Number Pad… everything is aligned perfectly on there. Num 8 is forward, Num 2 is backward, Num 6 is move right , num 4 is move left… 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, /,*, -, 0, . , all of those buttons I use at hot keys on bars… my pinky reaches over and hits Pg Dwn, End, Del, Pg Up, Home, Ins , as well as the up arror, right arrow, down arrow. Plus my mouse has two buttons on side, and the middle mouse button… So that is ALOT of hot keys to use with MMOs. Diablo games never needed a lot of hot keys, but now that its moving toward MMO style, people could find different ways to get used to gaming.


Diablo 2 uses the most hot keys out of any of the 4. Lame that we are back to being restricted to 6 (assume its just to make balancing easier) but that does not make me want WASD any less. Imo its a way better feeling. If Immortal has WASD there is no excuse. Kinda like having the chat in the bottom right just a massive blunder. 2 things they need to address then this will be the game of the century


auto-run would be sweet to … even lost ark has that and its click to move they already ripped a bunch of stuff off that game so might as well keep it rollin


I think I agree with this also. Click-move with rogue was difficult in hectic boss fights because if any target is in the vicinity of where you are clicking… too bad for you he will Shoot/Attack instead, meanwhile still standing in fire and getting wrecked. There is a force move keybind though, maybe people don’t know about it, but that’s not what they’re looking for anyway when they ask for WASD.


Diablo immortal did it, V-rising did it. Project zomboid and so many others have done it so it should be 100% an option and would open the game up for so many more players.


I just got used to using the mouse wheel in D3 to Force Move. So, now I’m zooming the camera in and out. And I Evade when trying to close windows. :laughing:


I 100% agree. Many isometric games use WASD for movement. Most recently a few I’ve played were Hades, The Ascent, and Synthetik. Especially considering Diablo Immortal has the option, we really deserve it in D4. It’d be purely an accessibility options as well, so anyone preferring classic click to move would still have that as the default control scheme.


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