Zax´s Item Finding manual

Hey guys, I love hunting items and I would like to help anynone with same hobby or help to new players to know where they can find items. I am working on more detailed guide but I would like to show you what I made in last two days.

It list of popular or even lesser known location for suitable for finding items. But I would like to say few words before I will post the pictures:

  • Certain monsters in game have higher chance to drop runes, monsters like Swarms, Ghosts, Finger mages or Vultures and Soul so keep in mind that detail
  • Every location have set certain number of elite mobs which can spawn, every unique monster or champion counts as one.
  • Some locations have Immune monster but many of them can be lowered by Lower resist or Conviction skill. If Monster has 115% or lower, it can be lowered by Conviction from Infinity, if Monster has 110%, it can be lowered even by Lower resist skills with -60% all resistances.
  • You will see me bellow talk about all unique items. Annihilus and Hellfire Torch are excluded from that as they can be found only by completing special events.
  • You dont have to keep running only areas with lvl 85, even in areas lvl 84 can Unique monster drop all unique items. 3 rarest Unique items are not even that great as Arachind Mesh can drop from Mephisto together with Azurewrath and Tyrael´s Might is more item for grailers than usable armor so unless you are completing grail, you can just keep doing MF in area 84 or even area 83 locations if you like, difference is very small.
  • Every location in game can have only 3 monster types so certain locations can be effectively run even if there is one immune type to your elements as odds of having that monster in one of your monster type combinations is not high. There are certain monster which do break this rules as they are tied to other monsters or they are always present in map.

Ok thats all for now , here is my creation, I hope some people will like this. If you want to share some feedback or you would like to see some additional info or even correct something just tell me. I am finishing this at late hours and i am very tired so possibilty for mistakes is definitely real.








If there was only a way to speed up the process of lining them all up in the Arcane Sanctuary -or- change the game so the loot falls on the friggin path even if they don’t die over the path. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah right i forgot to add it in notes, have to do it tomorrow :smiley: thx for reminder.

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Make loot land on the path!!! FFS!!!


Will have to read this once I’m home. Pictures aren’t loading at work. :<

Also Zax hit me up at Muyu#1611. You’ve got your profile set to private or I’d have already pinged you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just mouse-over his name and read the url. (sorry zax, now you will be stalked)


hohoho! Yandere-vision activated! You are a kind gentleman, sir.

Nice initiative, Zax.

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I think that number is slightly off. Maximum lower resist skill is -70%. Also -60% lower resist skill can break immunity at 110%. I’ll add if I find anything else.

Edit: everything else looks good. Great job.

Just mistake in text, there was supposed to be can instead of "cant. I will correct that.

Lower resist skill at level 15 has - 60 and a level 20 has 62%, maximum might be 70% yeah but even - 70% will not break monster immunity with 115 resistance. So that is why I mentioned -60% which is enough to break 110%.

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Excellent work put in an easy-to-read form. Great job, Zax!

Point of note: In Act 5, if you don’t kill Nihlathak that will also leave the portal open, even if you take the HoP WP. Since HoP and HoA are decent for farming, this is what I typically do.

It may be good to add the steps for quest-bugging Andariel since that bug is permanent.

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Thx for kind words and feedback i will update pictures later today with Andy bugging and nihlathak kill added to notes

That’s nice. Are you going to release it anytime soon?

The update with And q bug and nihlathak? Not exactly, i am going to work so that will have to wait like 10 hours :slight_smile:

If you want info about q bug now:

If you kill andariel as quest for the first time, talk with NPCs and travel to act 2 in same game, talk to jerhyn and warriv and leave the game in act 2, and you have her quest bugged forever.

Or did you mean that bigger item finding guide? Well that will have to wait few days, its a lot of work.

One question on the Hell countess
Does level 3 Lower resistance break her immune?
lv 3 is at 41. However, at 0.2%, it is 8.2. Countess has 108 fire res. Is it just enough or Is it just not enough?

I depends on how/if the game is rounding the numbers. Most sources say you need to reach 99% to break the immunity, so you would actually need level 6 lower resist to get enough to lower it to 99%, except if it’s always rounded down.

But in any case, with 99% resistance, unless you have another source of lowering the fire resistance, it will be still be very slow to hit her with fire (she will only take 1/100 of the damage).

EDIT: After finding some more source of information, it appears that the value of the lower resist is rounded down before applying, so

  • Level 3: 41 * 20% = 8.2, rounded down to 8%. Countess will still be immune.
  • Level 4: 44 * 20% = 8.8, rounded down to 8%. Countess will still be immune.
  • Level 5: 47 * 20% = 9.4, rounded down to 9%. Countess will have 99% resistance.

She should have 108% fire resist

Lower res at lvl 3 does : -41

So calculation should be:

108-(41/5) = 99,8, so I guess thats not enough it game will count it as 100%.

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Zax - What’s up with the different images all having different chest rune drops, and what did you mean by it?

First image act5 objects - Vex+
Second - Lo
Third - Ber

Did you copy/paste “Act V” but should be acts 1-5?

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Ah right, good catch i will also correct that later today. I had it differently before, having special column for rune drop from objects but realize its same for every act anyway so i added that note under every act but i guess i forgot to edit it properly :slight_smile:

There should be only act I in the first picture as objects drop only vex there.

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Well no, I was asking more for a link to the file instead :smiley: (or I am blind and can’t see)

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