Zax´s Item Finding manual

Ah, well you can join our discord and i will send it to you in Excel later today.

PM me there, i am under same name as here. If that is issue for you, i can maybe upload it to somewhere but i dont know if we can post here link to uploads.

I will also communicate with oelwner of so he might post it on their site in some form.

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Really great post. Thanks for taking the time to put it together and share it. Even us old-timers can do with a refresher sometimes.

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wow man this is crazy detailed. very impressive. :+1:

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To contact you on Discord I need more than your name, I need the #0000 Number behind your name. If you could give it to me I am going to chat to you.

Zax, you are one of the most knowledgable people about D2/R I have ever seen on this forum.

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What’s the discord? This is very interesting. I am a noob but I would really like to educate myself so that when I start, I can have goals! I didn’t even know that you could bug the bosses for significantly better farming. I have so much to learn lol. It’s exciting though

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  • Added info about Killinng Pindle skin vs taking Waypoint to Notes in act 5
  • Fixed info about runes dropping in certain acts (I had “ACT 5” in all acts)
  • Added Info about How to Q bug Andariel
  • Added Notes how to Q drop bug Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo and Baal.
  • Added Note in ACT IV about killing Seal Super Uniques to kill monsters in CS

Puictures are updated.

I usualy dont post my direct Discord tag here, Sorry for not posting link to discord before. You can find me here below which is basicly my second home :slight_smile: , you will easily find me there i think :slight_smile:

Thank you for kind words :smiley: I was always crazy about game and how it works, doing resear and learning whats best and most effective way to gain items and also alternatives for various builds, which locations to farm. I dont claim to know everything tho, There is still probably something to learn in d2 :slight_smile:

Feel free to join our discord, we have channel dedicated to help people when they ask questions :slight_smile:


Does Andy bug require not talking to anyone in Act 1? I keep seeing two different versions of this bug. What you list, and the below.

Kill Andy, go through the auto-portal, immediately talk to Warriv and travel East (do NOT talk to anyone else in Act 1 prior to this), then log out.

The main difference is avoiding talking to Act 1 NPCs (like Cain) prior to talking to Warriv. I’m not sure if this is required or not.

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Many people say slightly different things but basicly only what matter is going act 2 after killing andy in same game. If you leave game after killing her and do not go act 2, you are pretty much screwed.

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