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Edit: Should anybody happen upon this old thread looking for Leapquake answers, the place to go now is the new Leapquake guide, here: [Guide] MOTE6 Earthquake

Hello Everybody,

Please refer to S4v4g3’s excellent guide on the old forum, here:

If you have any Leapquake-related questions, post them in this thread (not the linked one, which is locked— the one you are in right now) and an experienced player will help you out.


Question: Will it blend?

Kidding aside, thanks for putting this together. I’m looking forward to your new MOTE guide in the months to come. Here’s hoping we get some buffs, buffs, buffs!

Hi, Rage,

looking forward to your new guide. Perhaps you might want take a look at Frees WW guide, where I requested some formatting changes to make the postings a bit more accessible.

In the meantime, I have made a little progress on my LQ barbarian, now at 104 in under 8 min, IIRC. (Did not really push yet, as I want to spend some time leveling new gems.)

I have replaced the rubies in the pants and put on an ancient MotE shoulder. Glad, I did not put an augment on that one, cuz shortly after replacing the non ancient, I found another ancient shoulder piece, which is slightly better at STR and AR and can now be seen on Malah.

Now, my question: I reforged a spare Blade of the Tribes and got an ancient one with mediocre at best base dmg (3.6k now), STR, 23% Area Damage and near optimum LoH, and 189% EQ damage bonus.

I have the options to roll 10% additional dmg on it, but that would be worse than rerolling base dmg, which would give 14% more dmg and result in around 4.0k-4.1k dmg for that blade.

So my question: LoH is usually a good stat to have, but also for the MotE barb?

Should I reroll base dmg and stick with LoH or replace LoH with the 10% dmg bonus?

For reference, find my MotE lady here:

I believe at one time LpH did work with EQ ticks but it was ‘fixed’ because of the “procs don’t proc procs (except when they do…)”. For sustain it is usually LpFS that is taken, but typically just on the belt and un-assigning RCR in Paragon to get full benefit of it.

Keep re-forging or upgrading 2H Mighty Weapons. The EQ bonus on that weapon is low.

LoH is not as good as Life per Fury for this build (or most of our builds). Overall, it’s a very mediocre weapon, and you might want to farm another. However, if you have Life per Fury on your belt, and don’t mind using the Blood Thirst passive on, say, a Hellfire, you might re-roll the LOH to 10% damage.

Regardless, you’ll need a better weapon.

Hi Barahir,

I’m a little confused.

Regarding your reforged blade, does it already have a DMG% roll on it? It doesn’t seem like it, since you’re talking about rolling LoH to DMG%. Without a DMG% roll, I believe the highest possible damage the weapon could have would be 3996.3. I’m not sure where you’re getting 4.0 - 4.1k from.

If it doesn’t have a DMG% roll yet, then rolling LoH to 10% DMG would give you 3960, which is not terrible. But, since you can reroll the base damage to get close to 3996.3, you might as well just do that and keep the LoH. Rolling to 3996 dmg will give you a weapon with 6.4% less damage than your original one. The extra 4% EQ on the new weapon will give you back 1.29% of that damage.

The 23% AD is a good thing to have, and will take you from 86% AD to 109%, which will make up for the remainder of that lost damage whenever you are fighting 3 or more enemies within a 10 yard radius.

Hopefully, I don’t need to tell you that you should more or less always be fighting 3 or more enemies packed together when using this build. Beyond 3 enemies, the new blade will deal more damage than the old one.

LoH will proc from hard-cast EQs, and it will proc from Leap. It is discounted by the very low proc rate of EQ, and so will not give you very good results. Still, it’s better than nothing.

So, my advice is (if I’ve understood the situation correctly) to reroll your damage range to try to get close to 3996, and use the new blade. You will be losing some VIT as a result, but it appears you are using Esoteric and BoM and APDs, and you also have a decent amount of paragon, so you should be fine. If you feel like you need further healing, drop BR: Bloodshed for BR: STP, at which point you’ll be nearly unkillable.

Ultimately, there are better weapons out there, but this one is not bad. Good rolls on DMG%, STR , AD, EQ%, and your base damage roll (also +max fury) are what you’re ultimately looking for.

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I would argue this is overkill. In this instance, I would drop Esoteric for Gogok.

Yes. Best option would be to drop Esoteric for Gogok, then roll CDR on gloves to 20% AD.

Spent five minutes looking for a GIF to post in response to this.

This is as good as I got:


Not bad.

Oh, Barahir, you could also keep the CDR on your gloves, and instead of Gogok take Zei’s. Then Bloodshed will give you some decent returns.


thank You all for your advice. I know that weapon isn’t optimal, but because it has AD, I thought it might still be slightly better.

Lots of Options to try now.:relaxed:

But ultimately, I will continue to try and find a weapon like the one on my D3 friend here:

Oh and btw: cool Cat, @Free :grin:

My in game friend Sailor Jerry is having problems with his Lady Barb and LQ.
Every time she leaps, the boots un-equip and fall on the ground, like the potions in GR.
The 2nd and 3rd leaps do no damage, because of the lost set bonus, and she has to run back and pick them up and re-equip them.
Is there any way, without losing the boots, to just skip 3 times, and still get the EQ’s and avalanche full set bonus. Or do I just need to find a new set of boots and give these back to the guy Barb that gave them to her, to get ones that fit better and don’t fall off?

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Speaking my language, cous.

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I’ve heard that if you equip the legendary gem “Bane of the Slippery”, this will provide additional friction and should prevent anybody from knocking your friend’s Socks off.

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Thought it was Potion of The Banana Peel…

Hey, Bass.

I’ve been pretty short on time lately. And each time I’ve started writing, the result is poor. Somehow, everything I know about Leapquake is all knotted up in a way that makes it really hard for me to convey it, as a whole, to the reader.

Maybe it would be best to just port over S4v’s old guide. You’ve done a great job carrying over the other guides… you up for one more?

Please just write the guide lol

If it takes a few drafts, so be it. But we definitely need an updated version.

In these twilight hours for Leapquake, before the next patch goes live and WW, Slam, and HOTA are propelled well ahead, I decided to take a crack at a Physical Leapquake clear…

124 down.

2629 Paragon.