Yah i think im quitting s25 now. Can't catch the exploiters

Blizard didnt do anything to them for cheating. They 1000% knew they were cheating, the exploit required the knowledge to do it, it couldnt happen randomly. None of them reported the exploit and continued using it, and now they have weeks of 1 min 150gr paragons gained ahead of me, so clearing the leaderboard did absolutely nothing at all. All their gems are maxed 150. All there gear is maxed. Exploiters are exactly the kind of players who bot, so now they are botting 129’s while i have to sleep. They cheese bounties on alt accounts. There is absolutely no possible way for me to get a fair chance on the leaderboard. I spent the last week grinding paragon with a couple others who also quit out of frustration.

I’ve finished the season journey and have the cosmetics, there’s just no reason to keep playing when the leaderboards are 90% exploited characters. Maybe i’ll play around with WD spider a little but im quitting for now at least. Hopefully something changes.

Cant wait for the “leaderboards are pointless” replies. Yah they are now because of cheaters. They wouldnt be, if the cheaters were banned.


Weren’t you quitting the game like, twenty seasons ago?


you’ve never quit playing D3? You’re telling me you have been playing this whole time, never quit once?


It’s been a while, but every time you have a percieved slight, it’s a “I quit, never coming back, good riddance”.

This is the first post where you’ve specified the season. You have even, in the past, said you aren’t touching another Blizzard game. And I never “quit” playing a game. I go through periods where I don’t play, but if I own a game, chances are I am going to play it again and again. Otherwise I would have sold it or otherwise gotten rid of it.

I pause, play other games, all as the whim takes me. But quit? Rarely. Unless the game is really bad, like FF14 1.0, which took a lot of convincing for me to try it when it was rereleased as A Realm Reborn(a million times better).


Don’t feed the troll.


literally the same thing as quitting. it’s like you think someone quitting a job can never work again ever. “no lady, you cant come back to school, we dont care if you quit for reasons”. Imagine being this kind of person.

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I’ve never quit. I’ve taken breaks. And I’ve never once in my life felt the need to advertise my comings or goings to a bunch of strangers that doesn’t care.


^^Well played sir… and well breaked too.

The quit posts are generally a “look at me” ego post too. They make you look like a “insert your preferred insult here”.


That would be painful to say the least.


There is a difference between quitting a job and then finding a new one and quitting a job only to come back in a week asking for your job back to then quit the job again after a few weeks, then beg for the job back again only to quit again because it was raining outside, so you could beg for your job back because it stopped raining, …

When I quit D3, I won’t be coming back to play it. I take breaks every season and go play something else because there is not enough content to keep my interest for 5 months. So, if you are really quitting, the door is over there, otherwise you will be perpetually clowned for your smoker’s habit quit style.

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you literally said you quit every season. stop playing games.

So how many hours per day do you normally play Bravata?

sometimes 24, sometimes none. i dont schedule it or have a routine. today was none.

The OP post is 100% correct though, even if it is Bravata posting it.


Sounds like OP just isn’t good enough to make it on the leaderboards. Perhaps less time trolling the forums and more time getting better at the game would help?


Oh okay, so its okay that all those accounts that EXPLOITED, which means CHEATED, goes without getting banned for you? Alright my dude. You win the internet!

Honestly Bravata, I’m with you on this one. I’m so sick of bots thud and exploits in this game, I’m honestly personally hoping when d4 comes out most people will just go there so i can play D3 in peace without cheaters.


They are actually farming 135s. Maybe that will get you to quit faster and for good.

Oh god another gamer stuck in this BS mentality that there competing with other random gamers , instead of just enjoying the season…


OMG… do I actually get to be the first to say the leaderboards are now, and always have been, pointless??

Yes… they are. You are competing for literally nothing. There is no point is trying to push farther then the next guy. If you want to compete with randos on the internet, just whip it out and take a picture next to a ruler…


you two sound like you play for the Cleveland browns.