Wow Death Nova sucks

I don’t think I’ve ever regretted spending time putting together a build more.

God damn I thought this might be a fun Necro build for the first time in awhile but nope. Seems like at first glance that it might be tanky but inflated health pool without damage reduction built into the set means jack.

And the Necro still suffers from the issue of it reallllly being terrible when you die with Simulacrum, because then it’s on a super long cooldown and you’re basically screwed.

Can I have the last 3 days of my life back that I spent getting pretty good pieces for this build and augmenting the whole thing? I’m paragon 2540 too so not super low. Ridiculous how much this build struggles with even a 135. In comparison Impale DH makes it look easy.

Also the no swearing is ridiculous, grow up Blizzard. Most if not all of the people who come here are adults and swear words are cathartic and excellent for expressing yourself.

Edit: Part of the reason I wanted to make this build is because it’s one that will for the most part stick around when season ends. I like to come back to my favorite builds on non-season but a lot of them are just much weaker without season only buffs or completely dead. I hate that. I underestimated this builds flaws though, but I do happen to be playing on Playstation and had a backed up save from yesterday so I can reload the backup and recoup some of my lost resources, if not the time.

Next two options are Hota Barb, though this one suffers from not sticking around post season, or it does but in a worse form. Or Tal Meteors, this one at least isn’t really effected by the loss of seasonal buffs. I’m pretty burned out from this Necro though ugh.

Your account isn’t showing your death nova build, so I can’t offer survivability advice.

Playing solo I can stand in a pack of molten and never die. Tap blood rush now and then for key spikes of damage.

Playing group with zbarb, I often outlive the zbarb with multiple elites.

Post your build and we can offer assistance and advice.

My reaction to that sentence is get yourself a better zbarb lol

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Then go and scream them into the void. We understand your frustration without needing swear words so what’s the problem here? I find swearing a sign of an inability to express feelings. The growing up may not be on the Blizzard side of things.

Can you please link to a d3planner of your build? There are multiple players of that build who don’t seem to be having the frustrations you are so perhaps it’s worth getting some friendly advice? If not here, then try any of the bigger D3 streamers on Twitch who would mostly be happy to help point out anything not quite right.

Go here and Import your character. Then Save and share the resultant link.

I tried death nova and gave up on it, though I was probably making it harder on myself as I was using several blood-cost runes without a good means to heal. I have since switched to a LoD Corpse Explosion using the Golem Crucible power and a few other synergy items and, while I have died twice, it is much stronger than the other, even with a full set compared to none. My deaths are due to a lack of ancients and pushing too hard… also, not using really any defense as I simply wanted to see how fun it was to have nearly infinite corpses to explode thanks to Moribund Gauntlets and the Golem keeping corpses for later use.

Censorhip is a pet peeve of mine and there are studies that even kids should be taught to swear as there is nothing quite like them for expressing yourself. I didn’t fill the post with them, only one or two to emphasize the frustration lol. I dislike how our society is offended by everything these days and its getting worse.

Anyways I followed Maxroll’s guide on it so i think it just comes down to me underestimating this builds plentiful weaknesses.

I was specifically using their push build and had it pretty spot on and fully augmented. I was still surprised how squishy it was and weak against certain mob types, slow starts which can get you and your simulacrum killed. Wasn’t what I was hoping for.

Hi. Could you possibly link to your necromancer? I suspect it is in Europe, since we don’t see it here. It would be interesting to see your build, because your experience is the exact opposite of mine. I find the build very tanky, so I am very curious why you are having survivability issues.

I play on console, so you won’t see it but it’s the push setup on this page. It won’t let me link maxroll’s page for some annoying reason. But it’s easy to find if you go to their site.

I had gear very close to what they said to shoot for, which makes sense, only thing I missed was keeping the vitality role on the helm but even without that I still had about 1 billion toughness with all my buffs up, which is mostly from the inflated health value form the set but also from the Dayntee’s binding, and Mantle of channeling, blood rush but I was still finding that to not be enough, not enough damage reduction in the set means that the inflated health pool toughness doesn’t mean much.

I was probably not blood rushing enough but all in all it’s not as easy to play as I was hoping it would be, and the beginning of the rift was absolutely painful trying to not die while getting 300 blood stacks or whatever and keeping Simacrum alive.

Seems low, honestly. I sit at 13.8B with zbarb at 1800 ish paragons and jump to almost 16B with Blood Rush.

Solo I think is closer to 8B toughness, but will have to look later tonight.

Something is clearly off for you.

Are you getting your bone armour up, and make sure to maintain it?

Yeah, that I was doing at least. Probably not as good with Blood Rush as I should have been but otherwise I think most of my buffs were usually up.

if you are using guardian, make sure to only put 5 TG pieces on and wear either Aquila, mantle of channeling. Then cube the other. A lot people forget they have a RoRG and wear all 6. Then miss out on a 50% defense bonus. etc.

Yep, had all that setup properly too.

You could also check the top clears on console leaderboards (you did not specifiy which console) and see what they are doing with gear and skills. I too play on console (and pc, I switch back and forth), and this build is the one I play on Xbox. It works perfectly, and is very tanky. I am very curious as to why you are having issues with it if you are playing it correctly.

Edit: the reason I mentioned to check leaderboards on console, is that sometimes builds work a bit differently on console compared to the pc version.

I’ll have to search through pages of hacked bs characters to find a legit one lol, but really, none of my complaints about this build ring true? To reiterate, it seems like it needs to fish, as bad mob types seem like an auto restart, some builds are more susceptible to that than others but in the play testing I had, it was too common and I had too many rifts where I just couldn’t get off the ground to really start the rift.

I would either die trying to get 300 stacks of Trag set and lose my Simulacrum and be stuck on a large cooldown because of it, or I’d get going only to still be taking a lot more damage than I expected and still dying even after being setup. We don’t really get a lot of flat incoming damage reduction compared to some classes.

This was while I was testing on a 135 which keep in mind I expected to be fairly easy since I had just augmented the set with 140 gems and had pretty good gear with what maxroll’s guide said I should have for the push setup. And I was just struggling, and it totally put me off the build.

If you play more carefully and better, maybe it is decent but it wasn’t what I was hoping it would be.

Necro for me just isn’t what I’d like it to be, which is a shame because I’d say it’s my favorite class but my favorite builds are just lacking these days, Mages are fun but too squishy and everyone is tired of them, and the Pestilence set type builds are trash now but they were some of the most fun I had in this game when I was using speed farm builds with Ingeom for great mobility with blood rush but you can’t use it without losing a lot of power these days.

Well, I have not had any issues like you describe, and I actually like the build very much. It’s very strong and tanky in my experience. One weakness is single targets, so if you are unlucky with trash mobs and progression from that, you might not have enough time on the RG. I did a 128 with it on console last night, after first building the character on Sunday, and I did not die once.

Maybe it plays different on consoles. Guessing they aren’t the same. On PC, TG is S+++ tier. The only problem I ever have is solo rift guardians.

As far as I know it shouldn’t except for the ridiculously stupid Nephalem Glory orbs on console, which could be related to my difficulty in starting rifts properly, you may make a good point with that.

If I remember right, it’s literally a 100% damage buff, but not really, half our damage is locked behind these stupid orbs, which are usually pretty easy to keep up as long as you can fairly easily keep on killing things, haven’t had issues with DH, and Crusader but I guess this build is a more susceptible to it.

Any decent console streamers? The PC tutorials on youtube about it are really good. I can recommend
Death Nova Necromancer is back! S-Tier Solo, Group Meta Full Build Guide - Season 27 - YouTube

I wonder why we keep “Death Nova/Blood Nova” on Skills in this build? Never need to press one time on the Great Rift.