Wizard Buff Proposal 2.8F

Wizard is in a really good state right now. I’m going to throw out a personal list of suggestions of under used skills.


The Shame of Delsere:
Your Signature Spells attack 50% faster, deal 200% more damage and restore 9 Arcance Power

Just a convenient choice for Signature Spells overall, just needs a kind of damage buff added to it.

Magic missile

New Weapon, Orb power

  • Magic missile gains the Seeker rune, fires 2 more projectiles and deals 600-800% more damage.

Yes, this Angelic Power should celebrate it’s comeback and stay forever.

New Shoulder, Belt

  • Enemies affected by Black Hole take 200 % more damage from your Magic Missiles. Every attack with Magic Missile gives you an Untapped Power stack. Every Stack increases Black Hole damage by 150-250%. Casting Black Hole consumes all Stacks. Maximum 10 Stacks.

Shock Pulse

New Weapon/Orb

  • Moving around gives you Lightning stacks up to 100 charging you up. After reaching 100 stacks your Shock Pulse damage is increased by 500-600% for 5 seconds. While moving you discharge electric bolts on the ground damaging everything hit for 50% Shock Pulse damage.

Really did not now how to phrase it. After reaching 100 Stacks it deplets back to zero.

New Weapon/Orb
You gain the Living Lightning rune. Besides one moving forward, now one walks in a circle form. Shock Pulse deals 550-700% more damage.

Spectral Blade

New Belt/Shoulders/Bracers

  • Spectral Blade gains the Barrier Blades Rune attacks 50% faster and deals 250-325% more damage. This damage is trippled against Elites and Bosses.


Myken’s Ball of Hate

  • Electrocute can chain to enemies that have already been hit. The first hit Enemy takes 1000% more damage every other enemies takes 50% less damage down to 400% more damage.

Velvet Camaral

  • Doubles the number of enemies your Electrocute jumps to and increases it’s damage by 700-850%

New Weapon/Orb
Electrocute gains the Chain Lightning rune and deals 400-550% more damage to enemies hit by one of your Force skills for 5 seconds.

Wiz has so cool primaries they just need a little love.


Ray of Frost

Light of Grace

  • Ray of Frost now Pierces and deals 600-800% more damage.

New Orb/Weapon

  • Chaneling Ray of Frost now creates randomly placed Crystals. Attacking Crystals let’s your Ray of Frost splinter into smaller rays hitting all enemies in 10 yards around the Crystal and dealing 350-475% more damage. After 5 seconds Crystals explode dealing 2000% damage.

Arcane Orb

Is fine as it is. Maybe just buff the other Runes of it.

Arcane Torrent

New Weapon/Orb

  • Enemies affected by your Slow Time take 650-800% more damage from you Arcane Torrent.

New Shoulders/Belt/Head/Bracer

  • Arcance Torrent gains the Arcane Mine and Cascade rune. Every Arcane Mine increases the damage of your Arcane Torrent by 100-150%.


Slorak’s Madness

  • While Channeling Disintegrate it drains every second 2% of your maximum shields/life. The draining increases every second by 1 % up to 10% each second. Also you gain the Entropy rune wich increases it’s width by 0.1 and damage by 250% every second.
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