Witch Doctor, skill Zombie Berserk

  1. Skill zombie berserk, rune bears zombie.
    Bears get stuck in textures.

  2. Rune Explosive creature, dogs begin their movement alternately from the right and left sides of the hero. In many locations, dogs get stuck in textures or call out on the spot, as they start their way from the side of the hero. Is it possible to make the dogs start their path from the front side of the hero?

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How much time to need to get a feedback?

You’ll never get a direct from devs.

1&2: It’s just a textures’ problem?

Forget it.

Forget this is not a decision. There is a problem, it needs to be solved, then the point is from the game if it is not playable.


#missing characters

You should read though… How to Write a Good Bug Report …because you’ve made multiple threads asserting that things are broken without providing any supporting evidence to suggest that your claims are true.


The videos are “private”, I can’t see them (UE, France)

I can’t view them either. Say’s they’re private. (I’m in the UK)

Try again, must be work