Will D4 require XBOX live gold/ultimate subription to play

Will D4 require XBOX live gold/ultimate subscription to play


solo only

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Info we have is that it’s online only across all platforms, so if that’s required to play online, yes.

im not certain of that because I can play overwatch with no xbox live subscription

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I thought when this came up before the answer was no, but I may have been drinking that day.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve been under impression that online only games can be given exceptions for this. Especially games themselves with monthly subscriptions shouldn’t require one to pay for another just because of the platform of choice.

D4, while can be mostly played solo, will have shared overworld and other similar stuff and thus should be treated accordingly. It would be unreasonable if it required Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus. There is no offline in D4.


Logically it would be required?
I thought only exceptions were free to play or subscription games.

If Overwatch 1 could be played without a sub, that might indicate otherwise of course.
But Overwatch 2 is free to play, so that would presumably not require an xbox live sub.

I also dont own an xbox, so solely based on what I have read…

So are you saying I will not be able to pay my $70, download and click play on Battlenet and I am good to go?

PC is not an Xbox.

Will we have additional fees when MS takes over? Will PC run just the way it is now or will we need to do anything extra with MS?

As it stands now PC games via MS does not require anything, doubt changing that would go over well.


In the event that we did, I wouldn’t bother with it.

As for the thread itself, we’d likely have to wait for Diablo 4 to be released or near release to actually know (assuming we don’t just get a confirmation from Blizzard).

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Diablo 4 will require Xbox Live gold in the least. Only Free to Play games, like Fortnite, Fall Guys, Over Watch 2, etc. do not need an subscription to play, since they are free from the outset. That was a change MS implemented last year. Diablo 4 is a full priced game with an ALWAYS ONLINE game model, yes you can play solo, but it doesn’t mean you will be solo. So they still want you connected to their world for world events, bosses and the ever changing Store, WOOHOO!! :smiley:

But for real, you will need Xbox Live. I have a PC, Xbox, and PS5, will be playing on Xbox myself and already prepared. Can’t wait!

I asked this on Reddit.

Generally only F2P games are free on PS and MS consoles.

Games like fortnite and war zone.

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If it has any “non-season” mode, it seems logical there would also be “offline” mode which does not necessarily mean what it sounds like… there is likely a BNet login requirement but that doesn’t mean a subscription is needed or that the game is actually “online.”

D4 will not have any sort of offline mode on any platform. It is always online.


The fact that they have officially stated that it will be online only I would wager they do actually mean exactly that, constant internet access required to play.

Logical? D3 had a nin season mode and no shared world and had no offline mode. How does a shared world in D4 with the eternal realm make it logical to have an offline mode?

Wrong, bucko.

Non-season does not require even having an account created and thus is “offline” in that sense. At least on Console which was the call-out from the OP. Whatever PC require is irrelevant.

I did not test whether the PS5 required an account but it does not need a subscription… for D3 anyway.

Easy - restricted areas that become unavailable not unlike how some current games do not allow access if the number of players in a “band” is below X.

There is also, presumably, a difference between campaign play and whatever “open world” play there might be - offline might only allow story mode.

I swear half of you can’t fathom outside your boxers and the other half don’t wear them.

It isn’t. You “presume” things that are in stark contrast to what is already officially confirmed.

Yeah, because a game that has an offline mode is clearly the same as a game that has confirmed officially that it won’t have one?

Thanks for the laugh @Avalon

I thought when this came up before the answer was no, but I may have been drinking that day. Avalon

I too remember that this was discussed a while ago.

The summary was that probably
the game will be available as a separate purchase. Or for those that have the MS sub. Microsoft had intention to include all Blizzard titles to the sub.

I do hope that we have that option in the future.

We will have to wait and see of course.