Who's not going to buy D4?

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Until a later date, if at all.

I’m waiting until December, when it’s on sale (maybe) and waiting to see in what state the game is in.


At this stage it’s just a grossly overpriced D2 expansion. There is literally nothing new to play class-wise, and it’s not worth more than 25 bucks.


Me, I’ve a Mac #boooooh


I won’t. Not because I have any issues per se with the game outside that it’s a game I didn’t particularly enjoy playing.


What didn’t you enjoy about it?

Well, I can’t really put my finger on it. The pacing felt off, it felt like an ARPG that tried to be a story driven RPG but failed to be either? Something like that.

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I keep hearing that it slow paced, which I think I’ll like, but just don’t trust Blizz ability to balance the game, even when it’s a simple change.

They don’t have a great track record in that departement, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the game can’t be enjoyable anyway.

But yeah, D4 was not my cup of tea, if it ends up being a great game it won’t be the first great game that didn’t tickle my fancy and probably won’t be my last.

Not buying it. Not playing at all even when there is a free trial or beta. I’ve lost all interest in any future form of the franchise. They’re just regurgitating old ideas from other genres.


I’ve played D:I for a few months and it’s not something I want to go through again with another lite-MMO.

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Because we’re used to arcadey D3 with its early power creep from leg powers & skill damage bonuses on blues & rares etc. D4 has none of that

  • most leg powers I saw during preorder-beta sucked a$$ & kept getting the same ones over and over
  • fewer skills to choose from overall (that won’t change in the launch version)
  • most skill “enhancements” are too situational (vulnerable this, critical hit that to do a couple more % damage, blah blah blah). nobody cares about that crap.
  • no affix reroll or crafting of any kind (at least in the beta)
  • very few useful affixes
  • no strategic defensive skills to speak of (I only played Sorc) like Slow Time or Black Hole
  • any “armor” skills I saw (like 2 of them) only last for a couple seconds and have 20+ second cooldowns
  • most skills have ridiculous mana costs

So basically it’s like “hit like wet tissue to top up your mana”, then “lose all your mana after 3 casts” and continue hitting like wet tissue to top up mana again, only to lose it once more after 3 casts…rinse, repeat.

That :poop: gets old real quick.

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Wasn’t just the combat though, the entire game felt off, loads of cutscenes, long travel, sporadic monsters in the world and dungeons with “pointless” objectives to progress.

All features I would/could expect in a story driven RPG and enjoy even, not really what I want in an ARPG though, and there’s enough ARPG over the game that those features feels out of place.

Of course that’s just my subjective take on it, that I dislike it doesn’t mean it’s a bad game.


Same old game, more lag issues, more lighting/shading effects, borderline mmo. They had a chance to lead the industry in ARPG territory again… you can dress up a pig with new effects, but it’s still a pig.

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I will not buy it (99% sure). Maybe I will pick it up in future sale at 50-75% discount. They lost me at openworld.

Most likely will do just like you did. Waiting for sales.

I probably won’t be getting it. If D2R and D3 as one-time purchases didn’t exist, which between the two gives you everything you could want out of an ARPG, idk why I’d even consider paying 100+ dollars for some battle pass wow shop type system. I applaud their attempt at making it look and feel more like “Diablo”, but they really missed the mark on the whole monetization aspect of the game and that really cheapens it in my eyes. So yeah idk why I’d play D4 when I already have D2R and D3.

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Well. My PC had problems with the open beta. The server slam update seemed to work better but since I had to start from scratch in the slam (and I’m a slow starter) I couldn’t test the content that was giving me disconnects in the open beta.
If there will be a free demo after June 6th I might give it a go again. I could be interested in just playing through the story and not spend that much time with season grinds anymore.

Current state and development plans are very repulsive for me. In nearest perspective no chance that i’ll change my mind.


After seeing D:I and forced group play, and hearing about failed world-boss attempts due to forced grouping, I will skip D4.

I played the betas, and while I did like the atmosphere and artwork, I kept thinking about what kind of brainwashing techniques they will implement in the end-game. I like my brain too much to be playing anymore Blizzard games.



Like the other guy said. I’ve got a Mac.

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