Wheres all the communication?

Blizzard sees all the threads and comments both good and bad yet theyve all vanished its like they dont want to communicate

is it no wonder players are becoming cynical and annoyed? i mean you see all the feedback going on and theyve chosen to maintain radio silence

how come anytime all is going good they cant wait to parade and strut around proudly but the moment things look even the slightest bit of critical of them they all vanish like a rogue with a coin purse?

Blizz wants players discussing issues but yet they dont even bother to respond unless its all good on their end

makes people wonder why they even have an open forum if they arent even going to address concerns on both sides of the issues

all this time we thought this is supposed to be a public relations medium not a we only reply when the feedback is supportive

if you cant handle the good with the bad perhaps Blizzard needs to hire more community representive personnel


I would guess, for starters, that this is the D3 forum and they won’t be giving any updates on Immortal here. I assume that is what you want them to talk about because you make a LOT of threads about it, many about the same topics.

If there are updates, it will be on the Immortal website News page, Reddit, Twitter, or via interviews with influencers. It will not be this forum.

The next Blue communications I expect here would be about the next Diablo 3 PTR and Season.


I would be ashamed to show my face too


Communication? You must be new here. :smile:

It wasn’t great previously, but it pretty much died when Nevalistis left. I wouldn’t get my hopes up.


i never mentioned DI this is speaking in general the point is anytime this kind of issue happens they always go silent and its not helping them

after all it was Ion who personally stated Blizzard was working on “improved” communications he didnt say for WoW or for HOTS so his statement clearly is representative of all of Blizzards IPs

but yet here we are years later and very little improvement has occured


:crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face: :sob: :sob:

I miss her. Most of this is controlled by the suits though and policies. They don’t let the CMs just chat freely and the Immortal topic would need to be addressed by some sort of official news. You can bet PR and lawyers will review whatever is said first.


He only speaks for WoW, and he is not even the top lead on that.

back when he was in charge Ghostcrawler was a common sight among the forums as well despite his busy schedule he still managed to find time to swap jokes throw out cheesy comments and otherwise socialize with the forum goers

if they simply brought out a CM that would at least be allowed to try to speak on our level as he did without being muzzled by the legal department you can bet their overall reputation would get better


On that I agree with you totally. GC was a Dev though, not a CM. Our CMs have been good people, but the policies in place at Blizz muzzle them in ways that really don’t help. I get why they do it, but I feel the end result is not worth the “legal” or "PR"protection they think they are getting.

I have had that talk many times with CMs, and even people higher up the chain. Not sure they will ever change - esp after the lawsuits where some Dev sorts were horrible both at work and with fans. Limiting liability is all the rage :frowning:
I keep saying that if they just chatted more and people felt comfortable they would not act like a Blue post is a rare unicorn and freak out. Go back to chat about fav class, or pre-season snack prep, etc. We know CMs are not Devs, they can’t fix things. Being absent though just does not seem to help.

I have been here since the start. The CMs were my friends. It is beyond frustrating. It is also one of the reasons I never applied to Blizz. As a green I can say what I want (mostly) within the code of conduct. As a Blue I could not just chat like I do and offer my thoughts freely. The other part of course is that I was sure as heck not selling my house and moving to Irvine CA which is insanely expensive!


yeah my point is though he actually took the time to listen and speak with the players he didnt always agree with us but nonetheless he did interact no matter how busy he was as you said being a dev he had a direct pipeline that even the CMs didnt and quite often players comments and concerns were often brought to their attention due to his popping in the forums at times

that shows a lot of character that most of the current Blizz staff is lacking dont get me wrong no one is expecting an iron clad promise written in blood and thus unbreakable when they say it

however we would like them to actually acknowledge our concerns and lets not be naĂŻve here DI is clearly a cause for concern yet Blizzard is simply ignoring the obvious

nearly the entire internet is all saying the exact same thing yet they cant see what is happening?

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Dude, they don’t give a flying flamingo, they just don’t wan’t to get it!

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Rhykker had a stream a while back that D4 team was worried enough that they will make monetization likely the main topic of 3rd quarter blog and would even try to bring it forward if possible. So they do hear it, they do think about it, but like MissCheetah said, too much risk management has turned into risk avoidance for them to be able to speak openly and freely and with that something has been lost.

What also does not help is that online communities sometimes do get to personal when get emotional and as a person they have to protect themsleves from that. Nobody likes to receive death threats or serious insults over a game … again something was lost with that.

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yeah i do my best not to get lumped in with that kind of player its one thing to be passionate but they let passion become obsession

its okay to be passionate about your opinions but those kinds of players seriously need to step back and reexamine their lives if they cant seperate the two

developers shopuld also be passionate about the game they create as well and learn to accept the good as well as the bad its not a perfect world however refusing to openly communicate with people at all only fosters more of them to turn into the types of players they wish to avoid

people didnt suddenly wake up one morning and decide to be this cynical of Blizzard it happened slowly over time due to the companies lack of attention regarding their concerns toward their customers feedback

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The bad these days is not constructive criticism though. People have lost all sense of decency and are intentionally as abrasive, insulting, threatening, and terrible as can be. Nobody deserves that. People can’t just say “I really don’t like the game anymore because of X, Y, and Z”. Instead they stalk, harass, send threats…

This was just yesterday I think.

Wise words from our former CM


yeah i saw that it was unfortunate that overzealousness causes that but when you have companies doing this it doesnt help their reputation either


you get volatile players mixed in with this kind of unprofessional staff it will be a very unstable outcome

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I don’t blame the Devs and/or CMs for not wanting to jump on the forums to rub mud or cut jab with any of the players. Too many entitled shleppies who think they can say and/or do anything without any consequences due to their wittle feelwings.

^^^^^^ Pretty much sums it up. No?

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I can understand why they stop communicating, even if I think the reasoning is bad. One can only take so much abuse. The internet is a horrible place and people are likewise (and yet devs wonder why we want offline games, seriously)
The reasoning is bad though since 1) the jerks who harass will harass anyway, and 2) you can be smart about how you communicate. Most people are likely not expecting back and forth posting in the forum, or an AMA on Reddit etc.
They could handpick questions to answer in a blog for example. To keep them separated from the frothing hordes.

Communication? In DI Reddit. :sunglasses:

We actually have a blog post scheduled for next week that will go into some detail on new content and features for Immortal, such as the next Battle Pass season, a new Helliquary boss, and more.

Few things!

First, we have to localize the content so not just people who can read English can read it.

Second, we have some last minute things we are adding to the blog and so we are waiting on those and need to loc those as well.

Third, I agree - We are working on the pipeline of some better communication including hotfixes and those should be up and going here soon!

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In the age of fragile snow flakes, and everyone is personaly offended about anything, and give feedback in a personal, offensive note, which dev or CM in their right mind would want to communicate whit us? I know because I let my feelings carry me away, when Rathme set got butchered as a minions set.

Also social media platforms, took over. You’ll find more communication and activity on Reddit, Twitter, Discord and even Facebook.

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I don’t use reddit so I appreciate you posting that here. I realize this forum is not for Immortal though, so am not going to throw darts at them for posting info in the actual place they designated for the game.

Hoping they give info on the caps. WoW, D3, etc all have daily, weekly, seasonal type caps on them. Making those transparent is good though. Blizz does not always do that. If we are really lucky, they consider:

  • Separate paid vs F2P leagues for some activities or rewards
  • A paid version of the game. I realize the MTX won’t go away, but a base paid version would be good.

They have a game that is actually GOOD that the P2W has really tarnished.