Season 17 Ends August 18 | S18 Begins 8/23


At this point, I cannot suggest more implementations or updates as you have already annouced the PTR ones, and probably will not change them, you may have few people work in this game. But, as a player of this game for 6 years, can you PLEASE do not repeat cosmetics as you guys did in actual season with portrait frames ? At LEAST bring something new, not a repeated frame, or some recolored pet/wings.


“we’ve made several changes already as a result of community feedback.” :+1:


One of that changes would be calculate the correct amount of damage taken while wearing squirts necklace btw… :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks, cant wait to see the blog


As you can see on the rest of the text I am talking about seasonal cosmetics that was NOT revealed yet.

And We have made, do not means they will NOT make any upcoming change.


Actually, Nevalistis did in fact state what the S18 rewards will be. Going forward, they will be mirrored to a season that is approximately three years apart from the season at the time. So season 19’s rewards will be the same as season 7, season 20’s rewards will be the same as season 8, etc.

It is possible that in addition to the recycling of the seasonal rewards (so everyone can eventually get them all), new items will be added from time to time as well. Those too will then be available twelve seasons afterward as well.


Looks at Calendar and sees his vacation planned from 31 August until 8 September and wonders if the start to S18 is going to be a slow one for him


So they got an excuse for not needing to do anything for the game. They keep telling us they are not done with D3 and that they weren’t done with Barbarians etc.
The fact remains : they don’t do much anymore. They just wont admit that they are not having people working on it anymore.


Holy Hahaha Did not see this update from Nev, thanks for share, mirrored rewards … Nothing else to say here.

Exciting !!

In a few words.


hooray… appreciate… tyvm… hope we got some good surprise in latest patch notes…


So I got a little over 2 weeks if I still want to try to get my wings huh


I’m more looking forward to the blog post Nev mentioned about the “future” of Diablo 3.

I just hope it is out prior to BlizzCon.


The problem with that is, will they announce anything big 1-2 months before BlizzCon? Or will they save those big announcements and the big news for BlizzCon?


Do you guys are really waiting for something big about this ?


That’s plenty of time. It took me exactly one week to complete entire journey from start to finish and I’m very casual player.

Hope you get the wings in time. :+1:


It isn’t a big announcement.

It is more to do with the development of Diablo 3 in the future…in terms of what direction they are going.

This game is now with the Classic Game team and she is going to elaborate the future of it.


Oh for sure. I just ended up not playing this season due to personal stuff and not being that interested in how Barbarian looked this patch. But I did want to try and grab those wings. So it’s good that Nev gave us the ~2 week heads up.


looks like you have to chose between d3 s18 launch and wow classic launch, thanks alot, very very smart planning


In my case its another ‘big’ game relase thats gonna conflict around S18 relase so this might be the first season I either skip or late play.:neutral_face:


grml i probably won’t even do the typical 2-6 days early season to see what hasn’t changed on barb…
so yeah thx for letting the others know -.-