Where is the trading?


I am playing EU HC and I am looking for the most active trading website/discord or whatever.
Or is it best to make just a game? Or is the classic game so dead there is no trading? :slight_smile:

I simply make a game asking for what I need. Of course I always make sure I have something worth what I’m trading for.


d2jsp is by far the most popular trading site for diablo related stuff.

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To be clear, no actual trading takes place on d2jsp - it’s buying and selling D2 items with a forum currency. A currency that has at one time or another been purchased with real money.


People Trade Charm Gfx All the Time

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A little bit of vanity changes everything.

Changes ‘No’ To "Some’ Doesnt It?

No. You’re talking about elite fringe exchanges that has no affect on the actual game. I put it in a category among the bored and vain pvp community.

I have over 10,000 forum gold and i’ve never spent a penny of real money… just traiding rings/runewords/ Torches/ Annis or whatever else I collect. so…yeah like I said its by far the best TRADING site for diablo 2.

Of course. However, you depend completely on those who do buy forum gold. Without them you’d have no gold to trade with. In fact, if people didn’t buy fg on the regular the site wouldn’t be able to function. You simply play the part of a fg parasite, which is helping to keeping the site run by making trades with people who buy fg. You are essential to the site because eventually your fg, like everyone else’s fg, ends up on a botter’s account where it is more than likely removed from circulation, forcing the purchase of more fg from the whales, the desperate, and site noobs.

Again, there is no trading other than BLaH’s “all the time” vanity trades. The site’s trading is nothing more than buying and selling d2 products and services for a currency that is generated by real money.

The best REAL trading site is in fact in the game.

d2jsp is the best and most used trading site period. full stop.

literally everything else you have to say doesn’t matter in the slightest. cheers mate rofl sorry d2jsp made you so butthurt :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, if you’re mostly only pvp, lazy or you suck at the actual game.

It wasn’t meant to matter, that’s a projection on your part. :wink: I was just pointing out the actual facts as to how the site works.

Again, that’s projection on your part. I was just pointing out the facts. :slight_smile:

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“I’m not butthurt no u!!” proceeds to be butthurt lmao

Again, it’s projection. You brought it up and you accuse me of it. I was just sharing how the site works. You’re the one projecting your feelings on me. I’m not emotionally attached to my opinions, you’re the one who keeps bring up feelings - projection.

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bro… LOL. you should really get some cream for that.

JSP is the most effective and most popular way to trade in diablo2… thats a fact not an opinion… let it go…Jesus…

Like I said, jsp is not trading, it’s buying and selling Diablo II products and services for a currency that originates from those who purchase it for real money. Period.
Trading in D2 terms is trading Diablo II items or services for Diablo II items or services in game. Period.

Accept the truth and move along.

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I have news for you this may come as a huge shock but when you buy or sell something its called a trade.

i’ve been watching the “replying” bar go off and remove its self over and over meaning you’re extremely triggered… hilarious.

Not in the case of Diablo II. The only buying and selling this game has is via the NPCs and gold used in player to player in game.

I watched yours and it did the same thing. It has nothing to do with emotions.

ok well have fun waiting ingame for someone to trade with while we trade with 100s of other people in an easily accessible and popular forum made just for people trying to buy and sell items in game thats been the go to trading site for diablo going on 17 years.

Trading in game only takes a few minutes and I don’t have to comb a forum, make the transaction, then go to the game to pick up my item.