When did this become the D2:R Forum?

The whining about D2:R stuff being in the “wrong” forum seems to out way actual D3 posts, which means maybe it’s good that D2:R stuff is here because ya’ll ain’t got nothing better to talk about anyway. More Importantly many people cannot comment on D2:R, even those who are playing the BETA because they haven’t purchased the game yet. I have been in Both the Alpha test and the BETA and will be in the Beta next weekend too, and yet I’m still not eligible to post in the D2:R forums. You aren’t a Mod, mind your own business?


Not complaining, just witnessing the kids constantly touching their phones and can’t pay attention for more than a half second.

Boomers are fine. They are not lost in the tech world like the kids to 40 year old are.

Now it is you who are posting about D2:R in the D3 forums. :upside_down_face:

Its seems it’s only the Die hard D3 people who have a major issue with the other games who are the “tribals” who freak out about anyone who likes the other games. I personally like all of the Diablo games in some form or another and they are all different.

Did I create the thread? Think outside of the box next time. :-1:

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As do I it was the D2 fanatics who created this mess and started with the “we are the real fans.”

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Then why people speak about D4 in… D3 forums? Shut up already with your pathetic excuses …

Because D4 does not have a forum and the developers told people to post D4 feedback in the D3 general forum.

"Have a question, comment, or feedback about the information we shared today? Join the conversation here on our General Forum. We can’t wait to hear from you!"

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Have you miss the “…stop with the pathetic excuses” ?!

D2:R is not launched yet and many didn’t ( again, yet ) pre-ordered it, me included. So until the game is released and most of the players will pre-order or move on, we will speak in here as much as we want.

But … keep crying. Makes your posts count looks “good”.


Yes it’s always the other guy’s fault… :roll_eyes: :unamused:

Because Blizzard wants people to talk about D4 in the D3 forum?

This was taken from their own very D4 blog: :point_up: :point_down:


Diablo IV is early in development, but we just couldn’t wait any longer to share with you where we are so far. While we don’t have any news on when we’ll be moving into our first public access stage, we will be keeping up with quarterly updates available here on the Diablo community site and mirrored on our forums for your easy access.

We’ve got a lot of work to do and even more hell to raise. We can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Want to continue to discussion? Head over to the General Forum!

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You miss-understand me.

If we are able to speak about D4 on D3 forums, then there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to speak about D2:R in D3 forums. Like, what’s this? Communisms ?

And yes, D2 IS related to D3…

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That is crazy.
I hope they had to go through a bunch of people to find these.

Edit: There is no way some of those are real.

After reading some of the comments from people on the forums I would think those people are real.

Just leave them be if the mods do not care or have lost control of the D3 forum why bother. Hopefully in September when D2R launches some of these D2R threads will taper off. Unless they come up with other excuses after September. I know how about: “D2 is the best game ever but I will not purchase D2R because I do not like the amazons face, so I will vent on the D3 forum.” Or some other nonsense like that.

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Absolutely every way possible. Go to youtube and search ‘Some Americans are ignorant and proud’. Will make you want to hide under the bed and never come out.

The scary part? These people are allowed to vote, own guns and breed.

In the future Mike Judge will be called Nostradamus, because it turned out ‘Idiocracy’ was a documentary.

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It became the default D2:R forum when (and in no specific order):

  1. the game was announced as “upcoming”
  2. people actually got access to it
  3. mob mentality is easy to predict - they are too lazy to scroll down
  4. others react in expected ways and for some “contrarians” this is the goal

Likewise, why the same topic is created again and again. So mostly #3.


people speak about D4 here because Blizzard said they could, but then you would not know because you do not read their post you just see something that you WANT and get mad at anyone that tries to help you get the info in the right place so it can be seen by the RIGHT people,


The thing is…D2R developers want D2R players to post at the appropriate section.

This was taken from their every D2R blog: :point_down:


Throughout the Technical Alpha the community was incredible in sharing their feedback, bugs, and other insights from their experience throughout that test. Please share your impressions as we continue to polish the game while upholding the authenticity of the original game’s design. We welcome you to share your feedback on the official Diablo II forums or r/Diablo subreddit.


If they really really really want you guys to post in D3 General Discussion, I am sure that they will include the D3 General Discussion link in their blog but they didn’t. They were rather directing those players who don’t preorder to Diablo reddit for the feedback.

I hope you aware that some D2R threads were moved to D2R sections too.